Wednesday, April 29, 2009


This is how I spent today. Lying in bed in an oversized shirt procrastinating over the internet and reading Freud. Tediousness sort of lingered in the air today and I was too tired to get up and go thrifting as per the plan. Don't put pressure on me, h'okay? (insert dejected face emoticon). I was so sick of writing essays today I think I almost threw up entire sentences at a time. Vowels kept getting stuck in between my teeth, I was spitting out consonants like I was chewing tobacco.

On a heavier note, did anyone see Lost tonight? I know, right? I felt like those two flamboyant males in the David Blaine parody video ("WHAT THE EFF").......seriously.

Oh and it's my birthday tomorrow? Though I'm not excited at all, oddly. Usually I'm like a jack in a box the day before and when the clock hits twelve I'm like Cinderella but with more spunk and no charm. And no evil stepmother. Or stepsisters. And my dad isn't dead. And I'm not a slave in my own house.

I can talk to animals though.

Monday, April 27, 2009

This post was only meant for the new shoes, but I thought, oh what the tits, might as well photograph the entire outfit, no? I would show you the undertones (what is beneath the scarf) but it seemed a little hipster and overly-simplistic for me. Plus I'm wearing leggings for the first time since I hit puberty so this outfit is a bit degrading for a girl like me. Then again personal fashion blogging is all about honesty in terms of what you wear that day, so again I thought, what the tits. Breasts. Knockers. Cahoonas. Uncomfortable yet? Yes? Good.

I think a pivotal reason for not having so many outfit posts is that my school is has a strict catholic altering-your-uniform-is-the-eighth-deadly-sin belief and if I ever see the colour of our school uniform (maroon) ever again I think I'll belch. I'm talking Brad Pitt's naked body painted maroon. Belch.

So yeah. This outfit was for a religion retreat. Please don't make me go into detail about it. But we did get submarines/nachos/ice cream sandwiches/cookies/coffee for lunch so it was bee-ee-ay-you-tiful (anyone seen Bruce Almighty? No? Oh. No I didn't miss my shrink appointment this week, why do you ask?)

Scarf is vintage, thrifted shoes and belt, glasses and grey dress from H&M, leggings from mom's closet.

Monday, April 20, 2009

i've been talking to mickey mouse for the last half hour

When procrastination keeps intruding while you try to do school work with the occasional "WHAT'S UP?" and you respond "NOTHING MUCH!" and the next thing you know you've drawn bones on your hand and taken pictures of them in an intoxicated procrastination high. I'm so high on delaying action that my mouth tastes like rainbows.

Friday, April 17, 2009

i'll probably be lurking the streets for kenny and/or spenny

This is what I wore to go to Toronto to finalize my living arrangements. Come September 1st I'll be living in downtown T.O. It was an impulsive decision that I'm sort of glad I took. Weird thing is is I'm not really as impulsive enough to choose my post-secondary education this briskly. Apparently TIMES HAVE CHANGED.

Everything I have on is either thrifted or from H&M or from Forever 21, naturally. 

(Song is The Way You Look Tonight by Air)

Oh and if the sweater's got you confused, I put my arm in where your arm is supposed to come out. I didn't want to leave any of you at the end of the outfit video exactly how I feel at the end of every Lost episode; confused, angry, and wishing Daniel Faraday was in my bed. 

And for jizzimatory purposes, here is J-Phoen before the schizophrenia and beard... I was going to make a really lame joke about his thumb but it may or may not have involved up, me, and boning.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

bone fish

I GOT THE SKELETON OUTFIT TODAY. The mother is a bit on the confused/angry side of the spectrum, but that's beside the point. I've been wanting one of these for ages. The outfit was a bit inspired by Ghost Town a la the glasses or what not. I watched scenes from it yesterday because I've been meaning to read the book. I cut the back in order to fit inside (it was made to fit a 4 year old after all) but I kind of like it better that way. I paired it with one of my many black H&M skirts and one side of a plain black pair of tights. The glasses are from a 3D viewing of Monster VS. Aliens, but I took the lens out. Recycle, kids! Even if some people think you look ridiculous. It saves the environment, kai?

Outfits aside, my friend and I who are both going to OCAD (the Ontario College of Art and Design) in September found a ridiculously cheap student apartment building in DOWNTOWN Toronto. I mean dead and center. We're driving down on Friday to hand in our applications. I am beyond ecstatic.

I was just going to film a video of my outfit but I wanted to add photos to (the now corrupted by skinny girls and overly-simplistic outfits) LookBook. So here are both for your convenience, on the blog.

And the video. Excuse my trying to be cute-ness, because actually I'm cute-less. (Kanye West, step aside). And the song is Peacebone by Animal Collective. If you don't like it you're dead to me.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

project runway: my house

So last night I stayed up until 215 in the morning because I got this sudden surge of inspiration and ideas for clothes just kept coming and coming and the collection had a consistency that I couldn't just leave for tomorrow, you know? So I started working from quick ballpoint pen sketches to rough copies of the coloured sketches. I'll show you the rest later this week when I finish, but for now, those are the first two pieces in the first picture I posted. So today, consumed by laziness post-excruciatingly long nap, I just decided to play around with my idea for how the make-up would look. I don't really know my primary inspiration, but I see tinges of McQueen Fall 09 and a certain editorial which is slipping my mind at the moment. The rest of the collection is kind of inspired by deathly animals and/or jail.

By the way, please, do your best to look past the hair? And the fact I'm still in my school uniform. Thx.

And it's kind of irrelevant to this post, but HOW ADDICTING IS TUMBLR. It's like sex for nymphomaniacs.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Let's just do it tomorrow

I was the photographer for a family member of mine's wedding. Very simplistic and intimate, so there wasn't very much extravagance to capture. Then again I think this is how weddings should be, the intimacy of them I mean. They're perceived as atypical if they're not ostentatious. That's not what they're all about at all. But that's beside the point. This is the first wedding I ever photographed and it was very exciting as a newly consistent photographer. You get to see the wedding from behind the lens more often than with your own set of eyes.

These pictures are only the monochromatic, horizontal set of the bunch. Thought I'd limit it down to a few since there are, well, a lot. 

The one I'm most satisfied with is one of the last; my grandfather taking a picture with his neat camera of the city I live in. Three of my favourite things in one photograph. 

EDIT: I had more pictures but edited it because I realized I'm a bit antsy about putting full, extremely recent portraits of family members on my blog for any random individual to see.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I'm horrible at these. Saw Camille via Childhood Flames do it, and seeing as the only reason I do little outfit posts is that the picture-taking process personally takes too long. This took a minute. I had little time to do it, so obviously the quality is shit.

Any way, you can barely see my jester tights. My skirt is pleated. Point is I'll try better next time.

Oh and I'm not wearing any shoes because the Easter party is at my house.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

My mother, at 24, when I was temporarily living in in her womb. I would pack up and leave several weeks after this photo was taken. Today, I stand a few inches taller than her and could lift her off the ground without extreme difficulty. Funny how things work out.