Friday, April 17, 2009

i'll probably be lurking the streets for kenny and/or spenny

This is what I wore to go to Toronto to finalize my living arrangements. Come September 1st I'll be living in downtown T.O. It was an impulsive decision that I'm sort of glad I took. Weird thing is is I'm not really as impulsive enough to choose my post-secondary education this briskly. Apparently TIMES HAVE CHANGED.

Everything I have on is either thrifted or from H&M or from Forever 21, naturally. 

(Song is The Way You Look Tonight by Air)

Oh and if the sweater's got you confused, I put my arm in where your arm is supposed to come out. I didn't want to leave any of you at the end of the outfit video exactly how I feel at the end of every Lost episode; confused, angry, and wishing Daniel Faraday was in my bed. 

And for jizzimatory purposes, here is J-Phoen before the schizophrenia and beard... I was going to make a really lame joke about his thumb but it may or may not have involved up, me, and boning.


frances said...

hahahaha at j phoen

I likes your outfit, super cute! x

Anonymous said...

congrats on your move, what a fab place to live!

AFitz said...

ooh yay, i live in toronto! maybe i'll see you around

cocorosa said...

haha j phoen, dude I think he's so sexy.. yeah he went kind of beserk.. :( but I still love him!!