Tuesday, January 26, 2010

JUST A QUICK OUTFIT POST. Can't talk anymore. Refuse to. Must stop. (I was missing autumn today).

ALSO: I rented this book (among others) from my school's library and after reading the foreword and skimming through pictures I will definitely be talking about it to a further extent in the mere future. Maybe even tonight.

Beige winter jacket, H&M. Grey over-sized cardigan and forest green skirt, vintage. Underneath brown cardigan and grey zipper skirt, H&M. Shoes, vintage.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I wore this on Thursday for a karaoke outing where hecklers screamed 'eat something!' because of my bones (drunk people are so witty) and the karaoke DJ referred to me as Skulls all night. Also, these pants are from the H&M sale bin, which contained surprisingly stunning pieces. For example, there were high waisted teal blue cotton trousers; if they had my size I would have been all up on that like cheese on rice. They also had expensive black sequin harem pants which I couldn't afford. I guess I should have taken a better picture of these black pants since they sort of swim with your legs due to the light weight of the fabric. I was cold since it was so low under zero degrees celsius but hey, suffering for fashion is like burning your tongue a little whilst drinking hot chocolate. It's the chocolate-y burn that matters (potential that's what she said?). Also, a close-up of my make-up since there is rarely any colour on my face ever.

This is from Friday night when I tried doing a tame version of Luella's Spring 2010 make-up. I did this with the same lipstick I used in the previous photographs. I don't know if it's lipstick in general or just the brand I was using but it ended up melting a bit and hence fading and at one point ended up all over my fingers. I'll be doing it again though nonetheless.

I've been away for so long because I've been busy with school and with this blog I always feel like I need to write long posts like a journal article or something. With assignments piling up as the semester progresses, I find that I have little to no time or head space for anything legitimate or extensive. Hence Tumblr (I actually mention it in every blog post I'M SORRY). But here are some quick dash notes about stuff. I have to wake up in five hours for a lecture so I'll be quick.

- Pre-fall report: PROENZA SCHOULER OMG UNF. Lanvin was also great, both aesthetically and the mode of presenting the clothes, it was sort of like an exhibition. I have to also mention Thakoon scarf-like skirts, I have a soft spot for them. And the latter of the Chanel pre-fall collection. And more I can't think of right now. I also need to get caught up on the men's collections. Falling behind here...
- Radiohead for Haiti benefit concert tonight, if you went and are reading this right now, KILL YOURSELF. Then come back to life so I can murder you out of spite and envy. Whatever, I'm still $450 richer UNLIKE MOST OF YOU WEST COAST BITCHES.
- JH Engstrom may be one of my new photographers, google his book Haunts. Eerie stuff with gorgeous use of lighting.
- I'm going to see MF DOOM and Mos Def in a few days with a friend. Will I be the only tiny white girl there? Most likely. Check back to see if I come out alive. Or if I've been involved in a shoot out.
- The FRUiTS magazine exhibition wasn't really an exhibition rather than a restaurant with enlarged street style photos from the mag put up above each table. Although I did get to see them, I was a bit upset I couldn't take pictures without being glanced at by the hawks that took form as waitresses ("take a seat wherever you like" x12). I was planning to post them here. Bummer.
- I saw Youth in Revolt and Precious yesterday and both were amazing but for independent respective reasons. Also Mo'Nique's acting is ace in the latter. Michael Cera making overtly sexual comments and wearing tight white trousers is also ace.

That's all for now, I need to sleep, goodnight goodnight goodnight.

Skull bodysuit originally a 4 year old's halloween costume. Light black pants, H&M.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I never know how to begin with these things linguistically, which comes as quite of a surprise seeing as I ramble consistently, but yet when I write (or type for that matter) I always end up with this abstract incoherency that is totally irrelevant to said topic. I guess I could start by acknowledging that I started school again this Monday. I'm done every week as of 1130am on Thursday (thasrightnuccas) and I have it, I wouldn't say easy, but definitely much more enjoyable than last semester. I just love that I get to read books and essays of authors that not only can I tolerate but am fond of as well. For example, I just finished a book by Anne Carson entitled The Autobiography of Red and am starting on a short story by Juni'chiro Tanizaki about beauty and aesthetics in Japanese culture (a culture that evokes in my opinion an epitomized sense of allure and perfection). Aside from this, my studio classes include realizing colour through paint and sculpture, an introduction to experimental printmaking, and exploring narrative and sequence through photography. 

So there is no doubt that consuming such a wide variety of art and literature has influenced my "style" in a certain way. I use these scare quotes because I don't think I have determined my literal style yet, and thus I don't believe label my own just yet. All I can say is that the monochromatic prevalence (and I mean prevalence) in my daily wear has reduced substantially. Not to say I've lost all appreciation for it, but as I kept being fed all of these things, it sort of shone a light on this limited notion I had of what fashion is. I realized that black and white clothing can only do so much. It's like if Picasso's Blue period expanded throughout his entire life; of course the works would still be brilliant, but he realized that art is this entire spectrum that needs to be discovered. Picasso constantly translated himself. In terms of fashion, his artistic periods could be depicted as styles or eras, as dissimilar as they may be from one another. They are little pieces that form this finished puzzle that we know generally as fashion today. Some people will be more fond of say the monochromatic combinations of Rick Owens' work, other of the elitist royalty that Valentino gowns exude, some (myself included) of the clothing of Rei Kawakubo which typically are deconstructed and placed back together to create breathtaking compositions, others of the androgynous appeal of Ann Demeulemeester's collections, etc - and that's okay. It's just making it past a self-inflicted limitation in succession is all. Once you come to realize the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, then this naiveté is diminished and you tend to see the bigger picture.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that when I didn't acknowledge variety I was stuck in this little bubble of repetition - wearing the same colour schemes, watching similar films, reading the same types of books, etc. I don't know if it was art school that opened my eyes exactly, but straying away from routine took an extremely positive toll. Although I can safely say Japanese fashion is my favourite out of everything else, I'm afraid that if it wasn't for realizing how multifarious not only fashion really is, but art and literature also, I would still be in my monochromatic bubble on this day.

Don't ostracize me if none of that translated very well - I didn't really write it with an envisioned central point or thesis. Just something I've been thinking about in an abstract set of thoughts that I needed to write down somewhere.

I'm not going to go into details about anything else any further, just that I wore this outfit yesterday with a fur coat on top and that these below are some of my favourite photos from editorials, and that clicking on the photos will send you to my Tumblr from whence they came. By the way I'm addicted to that site and you can blame it for my absence here like I've stated before. 

PS. I don't like buttoning blouses unless they're in the wrong button holes. Asymmetry is my new best friend.

Everything I have on is vintage except for the tights which are white translucent ones over top of thick black ones.