Thursday, October 29, 2009

Packing for Ottawa now, spending the weekend of Halloween there. I also have lots of projects to do, so I can't write here much. All I can say is that this hat has been living on my head for the past week. Moreover, this is the most simplistic outfit I've worn all week. The jeans are also a bit unflattering and make me look like I put on twenty pounds so I wore a coat over it when I had the chance. Oh, and I got tights with bones on them (!!!) which I have a feeling will also make way onto my legs and not remove themselves for a long period of time.

Shirt, H&M. Jean shorts, thrifted. Tights, random outlet. Shoes, thrifted. Sunglasses, Kensington market. Hat, H&M.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hi guys! I wore this today to shop and go to my Times Based Media class, which focuses on artworks in relation to time - basically video art, installations, internet art, etc. I had to present this in class today for a critique. You can interpret it yourself.

Also, we watched Stan Brakhage videos several weeks prior which led me to a collection of his stuff. He's definitely a new favourite. This is his film Rage Net, which was the video of the bunch that we viewed that left the biggest impression on me. Basically the colours come from filling in scratched emulsion of the film. (The quality of this film is SHIT by the way. Go rent the Criterion Collection DVD with most of his pivotal works on it if you want to see it much clearer)

Off to eat cake and watch Dazed and Confused now. Bye!

Leather jacket, Forever 21. Shirt, H&M. Sequin dress as a skirt, H&M. Floral tights, H&M.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

These shoes! I've admired the YSL Spring 09 cage boots ever since they hit the runway, and when I saw these subtle border-line replication I almost bought them without trying them on. They're oddly comfortable too for being in the 20 dollar price range, too. Proud with my purchase.

Ever since I subscribed to The Sartorialist's blog, I've felt very simplistic, which completely contrasts what my mind is usually aesthetically focused upon. Any way I caught up on some of the runway shows last night after a day of classes and I have a feeling near future outfits will not be simple. At all. I think Viktor and Rolf, CdG, and of course Mr. McQueen (God's maiden name) contributed to this largely. Here's a video I found on Vimeo of the show. Some would say crappy quality, but personally I find audience member perspectives via video to be just as great as the professional eight-point-of-view videos. Makes you feel like you're witnessing it in the flesh.

I love that the title had reference to Plato's account of Atlantis; it just proves to show that the inspiration of collections can inevitably link back to aspects of conceptual art. The opening sequence made it feel more like an installation in an art gallery than the beginning of a fashion show. It foreshadowed the entire collection, which, in a personal interpretation, is seen as a delusional futuristic account of the mystery and consistent denouncement of the existence of Atlantis. The woman slowly morphing into a disturbing tentacled sea creature implied a semi-eccentric sexual violence was to be integrated into the clothes as well, which can not be denied once the models begin slowly trotting and we get a full view of the clothes. Yes, I said slowly trot. I think everyone who has seen the collection here knows why I'm referring to it as that as opposed to walking. Not only because the shoes were huge and armadillo-like and probably impossible to walk in, but because they were BEYOND EPIC. Srsly, the next time I wear shoes as epic as the ones in this show I'm going to slowly trot just because I'd believe it's the only way to walk in them. Beyond amazing I tell you. Overall, the show was disturbing yet endearing. Honestly, I feel like I'm not doing this show any justice with my praise, because it deserves so much more than that. You just have to see the video and pictures for yourself and try to comprehend the brilliance of all that is McQueen.

Blouse, American Eagle. Men dress pants, thrifted. Shoes, Forever 21. Headband, random fabric.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

I'm not going to put up the picture of the inside of the outfit as a whole, don't ask me why. There's no mystery behind it to be honest, I just disliked the picture and what it depicted. Or something. Either way I didn't even unzip my jacket so you're seeing the version everyone else saw too. I'm just putting up the picture of the Radiohead shirt because I love it too much not to post it.

I'm going to make the rest of this post in bullet form since I like to be lazy and organized.

- I was reading the recent issue of Dansk Magazine the other day and one of the pages was dedicated to the term 'bahnhof chic'. The description was spot on of what I aspired to dress like just a while ago and semi-currently (I can see tinges of it in this outfit actually), and I'm not even going to try and recite it because I will butcher it entirely. If someone could help me out I'd love them forever. If not I'll probably edit this later as soon as I find out.
- In the same magazine the editor was complaining about the "awful techno beats" at the last Rag & Bone show, which made me laugh; Thom Yorke curated the playlist.
- Holt Renfrew is down the street from where I live and I walked into it several weeks ago (see: Yohji Yamamoto rage toon) but didn't spend much time in it. Recently I decided to go again and investiage further and oh sweet mother of god. I sat and pet Issey Miyake pleats for a good twenty minutes I assure you. And don't even say Balenciaga and Holt Renfrew in the same sentence or I'll probably cry. No wait, currently weeping, make that a definitely.
- I'm extremely jealous of Mary Baskett and her collection of clothing that mainly consists of Yohji, Issey and Rei's wearable art. There's a good interview with her here if you wanna watch.

Off to do some work now. And by work I mean watch Freaks and Geeks.

Leather jacket, Forever 21. Radiohead shirt, W.A.S.T.E. store. Skirt, vintage. Belt, vintage. Scarf, H&M. Tote, local underground vintage store.