Monday, July 28, 2008

you guitar sounds so sweet and clear. but you're not really there. it's just the radio

Sorry for the major hiatus. I was on a roll and then well, I kind of got sick. Sorry about that. My plan is to slowly regain consciousness in the blogging world until I start posting on a regular daily basis again. This post isn't very fashion related as you can see, but instead a little photoshoot at a family picnic with my ever so gracious cousin. Consumed in complete boredom we decided to take her digital camera out for some test shots. Needless to say it beat down an hour or so of doing nothing. Thankfully she allowed me to play around with the camera until the battery died down (and went back to laying down on a blanket staring at clouds until we went home).

Expect the next couple of posts to be fashion-related. I've missed clothes too much

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm sorry that I lost control, Distracted by irrelevance

I'm sorry for neglecting my blog for the past few days, but I haven't really stepped out of my house. I just feel... well, not good. I don't want to get into details because I'm not very comfortable about strangers (not to be harsh) knowing about my personal life. So, hang in there- I know not a lot of people read this blog any way, but I'll be back sooner than you can say "Þórbergur Þórðarson". I'll be back by the time you've gotten it down correctly.

One question before I depart... which do you prefer dipped in chocolate?

...or Thom Yorke?

You could probably guess my answer.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Kiss on the Hand may be quite Continental

This is last night's outfit. You may or may not have realized that the shirt is actually the jumpsuit from a few previous posts back. I paired it with probably one of my favourite thrifted skirts, essentially due to the deep forest green colour of it which I truly adore. I've noticed the skirt looks a bit odd due to the jumpsuit rolled and safety pinned to my underwear, haha. The shoes are my cherished gladiator flats. Well, at least until I save up $800 for those resort Chanel gladiators I've always wanted. The bag is from H&M and the cardigan is thrifted. I have this serious obsession with over-sized cardigans. I have way too many for my own good. But like Marilyn Monroe always sang, "Over-sized cardigans are a girl's best friend." Or it might be diamonds, I don't remember.

Friday, July 11, 2008

You never Wash up After yourself

Two outfit posts in a day, I think that's a new record! Usually it's an outfit post once a week. I've been feeling very inspired lately, so I thought I'd take advantage. I don't like this outfit as much as the previous few I've posted. For one, the top is actually a dress, so it doesn't neccessarily look decent as a shirt. It constantly falls low, and when I attempt to keep it higher than it's meant to be, it looks messy, evident in said photos. There are other things about this outfit I don't like, but I just can't put my finger on it. It just doesn't look right. Or I might just be crazy. Oh well, it's already on. I am honestly just way too lazy to change.

All is thrifted but the skirt and "top" which are both from H&M.

Look for the Girl with the Sun in her eyes and she's Gone

This is today's outfit. I threw it on really quickly and I ditched the blazer at the last second because of the heat. The pants and blazer are a recent thrift find, but it's a shame how the pictures butcher the way the blazer looks in reality. It looks much more fitted in person. The shoes are of course Converse, which I was inspired to buy when I saw an outfit from New York street style. I can't find the picture now but if I do I will surely post it- the girl's outfit was fantastic. The ruffled lace shirt I'm wearing is probably the most treasured top I have. I have been looking for a white lace dress forever, and this shirt is the closest I've gotten. I believe I bought it from a Canadian store called "Off the Wall". If you ever visit Canada in this life or another, I really recommend it. Once you get past all of the basic Billabong and Roxy stuff, you can find some wonderful things there. The last picture is a close-up of the lace, simply because I adore it so much.

This is yesterday's outfit. Too much? Well, I don't know if you got past the lame sarcasm, but contrary to the truth, I didn't wear it out. Today, while looking through my mother's bajillion purses in her closet, I looked up and saw this dress covered in dust. I don't think my mother has laid eyes on it since 1987. I'm not being sarcastic this time. Right next to it was this amazing pink dress which I broke the zipper to two years ago when I was having a photoshoot with a couple of friends. She hasn't noticed yet. I know this because if she did, I would probably be dead. I'll probably post the dress soon enough with the other 80's dresses she has tucked deeply away in her closet.
Back to the dress I'm wearing, how absolutely amazing is it? I typically hate the 80's and anything that has to do with that era, but I really really like this dress. The colour coordination, the precision of the curves, the individual beads placed on so perfectly next to each other, there's nothing wrong with it. Other than the broad shoulders and the fact that it's not flattering in the slightest. I desperately want to take off the sleeves and about an inch off the bottom, then it could be actually wearable. That way, the dress can be actually put to use. And I'm not talking 80's dress-up photoshoots.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

We're gonna Paint the town, and All that Jazz

I don't know if I've mentioned it or not, but I have been feeling very 1920s-esque recently, probably because I just watched Chicago a couple of weeks ago. Every woman looks absolutely amazing in that movie, and that especially goes for the obvious leads Renee Zellwegger and Catherine Zeta Jones. I could never really pick which one was more inspiring in the film because both did such a phenomenal job I was completely blown away by their performances. What blew me away more though was their outfits. It's not a surprise that Colleen Atwood, the costume designer for Chicago, won an Oscar for her work. Her resume is unbelievable, with movies like Memoirs of a Geisha, Little Women, Sweeny Todd, etc. I remember watching all of the movies she designed for and thinking about how wonderful the costumes were. I mean, she's been nominated for an Oscar seven freaking times. My point is that she is someone to look out for. Seriously, I could watch her movies on mute and just look at the outfits and I'd be satisfied. She is that good.

Back to Chicago (apologies for the rambling, I really should stop doing that...), this is the movie that really got my 1920's mood going. All I could think about after watching it were beads and feathers and red lipstick and cloches and bob haircuts- practically anything that had to do with the flapper look. Personally it was Renee Zellweger's outfits that got me addicted to the era. The silver dress from the number "Roxie" and the black dress from the solo of "Nowadays" are both so so so beautiful. I've been looking for a picture of the black dress forever, but all I could find was a clip of it on youtube. A video gives a better visual any way.

Obviously inspired by the 1920's, I created this somewhat tamer outfit than the original era. I would kill to have every piece in my closet. This ensemble seems like a suitable thing to wear in the 21st century as well- it's not too drastic or anything. I mean, how cute is that cloche? I think that is the most desperate thing I want right now, a hat like that. I haven't seen any authentic cloches when I've been shopping. They have usually been altered to be more adaptable to the fashion era we have today. Basically it's because no one really wears cloches anymore. At least I haven't seen anyone. I guess I am going to have to pop my eBay cherry and look for one, I literally can not find them anywhere. I guess that's my new objective as of today, find a pretty little cloche on eBay. To be continued...

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

floral jumpsuits and rosatia

This jumpsuit, simply put, is heaven. I found it yesterday while thrifting and I literally yelped. It is just so so so fantastic I can't get over it. I am practically obsessed with florals ever since I saw this dress from Karen Walker's spring 2008 ready to wear line. It is so perfect and summery, definitely in my taste. It was so hot out today that I didn't add anything with the jumpsuit but a belt, in essence of the dress. I need that hat.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Björk Guðmundsdóttir

Excuse the double post, but I'm having an extremely inspiration filled day today. I'm looking at pictures of Björk now, and she is definitely one of the most inspiring people ever, I don't know how I forgot about her. Listening to her music is like winning the lottery. It makes you feel so happy and relived at the same time. I love her eccentricity and originality, she reminds me of a more wonderful Kate Bush. These pictures of some of her outfits inspires me so greatly, especially when I thrive for individuality and to basically just be my own self. And as much as her goose outfit got thrashed and ridiculed, I absolutely LOVED it. She looked amazing in it. And her accent is flat out adorable. Ok, I'm rambling, but I promise this is my last post for today. I just have a lot on my mind.


And how freaking adorable is this?

Norma Jean Baker

Almost a year ago, I had this obsessive stage with Marilyn Monroe. Her style, essence, charm, everything was just so perfect. At that point I had never seen any movies she acted in, only biography stories and clips of things here and there. But a couple of nights ago I watched "Some Like It Hot" and I immediately fell back in love with her. Every scene she was in she exuded this delightful ambiance, she was just so lovely. So this post is rightfully dedicated to Marilyn Monroe and her stunning fashion sense above all.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

the never ending debate

i have spent the longest time trying to decide which designer i favour the most. i am still attempting to go through every single designers' lines on style.com, starting with the most popular and obvious brands. i don't see what the marc jacobs fuss is all about... let the screaming ensue. i had my stage with balenciaga and nicholas ghesquiere, which i fell in love with after discovering the brilliant fall 2007 ready to wear collection (still one of my favourites). i fell in love with chanel as well after their spring 2007 couture collection. karl lagerfeld will always be one of my favourite designers out of his technique and knack for anything fashion. so it is safe to say for me that chanel will remain in one of the top spots of my favourite. but most recently, i have found that philip lim has garnered the most of my attention and may officially take the top spot in my favourties. let me explain why as briefly as i can.

philip lim's outfits range from having such undeniable precision to appearing fashionably careless, if that makes any sense. his fall 2008 ready to wear line was that of effortless chic. in only a few outfits he went from a cordial buisnesswoman type outfit, to a female cowboy-like outfit. and it worked! you could put them together in the same line, because they both had this essence of lacking effort but looking brilliant. these are the outfits i am talking about.

i think what really sealed the deal though was the resort 2009 line. the pieces say everything for themselves. this is the precision i was talking about. so so so perfect, i just can't get over it.

so i have one simple question for all of you.
if you are reading this.
if you are out there.
what is your favourite designer?

Friday, July 04, 2008

but what about the fashion?

this is a brief and personal prologue, but i need to spit this out. i'm sick of acting like someone, something i am not. i think this blog post reflects change and reality. i feel like i've been wearing this mask for years and i can finally take it off.

i've been fascinated with the colour white lately.
at the moment, i stare into the faces of six white roses. in two weeks a fresh pot, giving the room a godly aroma.
i wish i could walk outside and say the same, but then i turn to my left and watch the planes take off,one by one, into never ending blue. sometimes i wish i could fly with the metal that suspends by force, the missiles of black, the roars of the lions. i would rise to the windows and whisper"let me in"and they would, and their eyes would swell with lies and truths, and they wouldn't know what to believe anymore.
like superman i'd take them away with the speed of light, and we'd see our lives flash before our eyes, and within a minute we would land and they thanked me, because now they knew the truth, and the truth never lies.

my father bought biographies of famous artists and i'm eating them up like poundcakes, savoring every little bit of information i read. i've been most recently reading about Salvador Dali, and i love love love his portrait of Mae West, titled the obvious "face of Mae West". there is just something so odd but sexy about it. i don't know if i should be creeped out or turned on.

i haven't taken any pictures of my outfits recently, out of sheer laziness. i did take a picture of one when i came home one night, but i was still drunk i think and the flash was being a slut. the belt is from the goodwill, as always, and i simply adore it, reminds me of an eccentric Indian tribe.

so yeah. cool.