Sunday, July 06, 2008

the never ending debate

i have spent the longest time trying to decide which designer i favour the most. i am still attempting to go through every single designers' lines on style.com, starting with the most popular and obvious brands. i don't see what the marc jacobs fuss is all about... let the screaming ensue. i had my stage with balenciaga and nicholas ghesquiere, which i fell in love with after discovering the brilliant fall 2007 ready to wear collection (still one of my favourites). i fell in love with chanel as well after their spring 2007 couture collection. karl lagerfeld will always be one of my favourite designers out of his technique and knack for anything fashion. so it is safe to say for me that chanel will remain in one of the top spots of my favourite. but most recently, i have found that philip lim has garnered the most of my attention and may officially take the top spot in my favourties. let me explain why as briefly as i can.

philip lim's outfits range from having such undeniable precision to appearing fashionably careless, if that makes any sense. his fall 2008 ready to wear line was that of effortless chic. in only a few outfits he went from a cordial buisnesswoman type outfit, to a female cowboy-like outfit. and it worked! you could put them together in the same line, because they both had this essence of lacking effort but looking brilliant. these are the outfits i am talking about.

i think what really sealed the deal though was the resort 2009 line. the pieces say everything for themselves. this is the precision i was talking about. so so so perfect, i just can't get over it.

so i have one simple question for all of you.
if you are reading this.
if you are out there.
what is your favourite designer?

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