Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gilda, Hedi Slimane, Eugene Richards, and Anton Kratochvil. Black and white: today's source of inspiration.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Oh, and um... guys? Remember that Natasha Khan skeleton suit I posted a couple days back? Yeah, well, guess what I bought in an insanity binge on eBay?

I personally want to know
A) how in Satan's dining room set I'm going to fit into a made for a four year old skeleton halloween costume
B) how I'm going to pay off the $40 debt that takes form under my mother's credit card
C) how I'm going to explain the purchase of a child's size halloween costume to my mother for casual wear
D) what the seller of this little number is going to percept of me (pedophile?)
and E) the level of astonishment that the seller feels for the fact that he actually sold a child's skeleton halloween costume... in March.

Stay tuned for more questions I will probably not have the answers to.

My eyelashes catch my sweat

Seeing as I was too lazy to take photos of my outfits this weekend and I'm inspired by mainly morbid and idiosyncratic and depressing things at the moment (Otto Dix, David Lynch, that picture by Kevin Carter...) I thought I would show you my AWESHUM SUNGLASSES COLLECTION (or lack thereof)...

My favourite... cat-eye Vuarnets. Proves thrift stores are your friend, all odd smells and random ridiculous outfits aside.
Hippie wannabe? I look like I want to rape children in these glasses. Kind of explains why this is the first time I've put them on since two summers ago.
Ah, you can't really tell, but these are cat eye-ish, also from a thrift store, though I have no idea who or when they were made. They're cute though, kind of my Vuarnets replacement though.
These also never get sufficient wear time. I bought them when I had a fetish for huge, bug-eyed glasses a la Nicole Richie. They were from H&M though, so they win a few points for that, but if you could see the print on them, you'd be a little put off too.
If you want to gain points with library nerds, buy grandfather glasses, take out the lens and ta-da! If you want to lose points with all of society, however, you take pictures like these. Take pointers, kidz. (By the way, that's actually what I look like when I'm interested in a book. I'm going to pull out the peer pressure card and tell you to go buy The Reader immediately. Or a rapist will climb up your window and murder you and your family in the middle of the night. Chain letter style.)
Tsk tsk tsk, what do we have here? Kanye West shutter shades, you ask? You are incorrect, children. They are merely glasses that have infectiously entered the world we now refer to as mainstream and teenagers took to wearing them humming "Stronger" down the street, but really the creators of said glasses simply asked themselves, "What can we create to make sane people want to drop-kick people wearing the thing we make?" "OMG SHUTTER SHADES" "Who can we get to promote them who people want to drop-kick the most?" "OMG ONLY LYK, THE RAPPER OF THE CENTURY" and there you have it, children. Now, you might say, "Rose, arentcha a bit hypocritical?" and I would say "I bought them in a drunken stint at a Kanye West concert!" and then drop-kick you. No, but seriously, don't ever buy these. They remain here as a reminder of the most narcissistic concert I ever attended. ALRIGHT KANYE YOU MAKE GOOD MUSIC YOU CAN STOP CALLING YOURSELF THE LOUIS VUITTON DON NOW. thx
Finally! My most recent purchase, a set of John Lennon/Harry Potter glasses I got from H&M in Montreal, I bought in a fit of H&M two-floor shopping high. You have no idea how much I had to restrain myself from buying $300 worth of clothes. I only had $300 for the week. It was hard. :( Point is, I have yet to bring these buggers out of hiding, and I will soon in an outfit I shall post soon, I hope!

By the way, I will have some pictures from Montreal up soon, I hope. My friend just has my camera right now and I have yet to retrieve it. 

This concludes our borderline insane broadcast for this evening.

For your entertainment, here is one of my favourite Dwight scenes from The Office...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Natasha Khan of Bat for Lashes

Um...... I need what you're wearing right now Ms. Khan. Hand it over and I'll forgive you for the mediocrity of your lyrics on Fur and Gold, m'kay? We got a deal?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tiananmen Square protests of 1989

Today, I'm inspired by the quote "Political power comes from the barrel of a gun." By that logic I can also say I'm inspired by factuality and truth and still be deemed accurate. The sun'll come out tomorrow, but should I really bet my bottom dollar?

There's a great article I read about the Tiananmen protests from a female journalist with a bird-eye's view from a hotel balcony of the entire occurrence. If I find a link, I'll post it, it's definitely worth the read. 

Sorry if I'm coming off as a bit overly-political and lethargic today. But I'm not going to controvert my actual mood with a post about floral skirts and high heels. (Oh god, I sound so bitchy, you know I love you guys. Srslytho.)

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Watching reruns of Seinfeld till my brain rots out

So since I've been sick for this entire weekend, purging my lungs out of my chest, but I did manage to get up and attempt to shop in Buffalo, NY for Saturday afternoon with a couple of friends since I'm going to Montreal on Saturday. Also I would have probably gone insane if I didn't step out of my house for the entire weekend. Literally, I would have been in the paper for murdering my entire family.

I thought I might as well post what I bought in this post since I haven't entirely caught up on Fashion Week... I feel like I've missed an entirety of collections. Though I've gotten a female hard-on for Ann Demeulemeester's collection recently. So. Good.

All of these knit pieces make an orgasmic layering effect.

Moving on (I know, I'm sorry) this is what I bought. They're all from Forever 21. (I'm bored of cheap and cheerful and want expensive sadness, but hey, I'm stupid baby when I'm sane. PS. I've been listening to a lot of Kills lately woo)

These will probably be unveiled via my body within the next week or so. I just need to get better. I'm off to eat some vegetable soup and drink some tea and watch both Kill Bills. Tip tip cheerio.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

F/W 09.10 Paris

Here is one of the collections I liked: Rick Owens. I mean, I'm not going ape shiz over it, but I've found that with most of the collections I like them more individually than as a whole (for example, the glitter of Nina Ricci), but there was a consistency in this collection that I had a soft spot for. Lack of a colour palette was right down my alley too (I'm very neutral obsessed at the moment). I just wish I was saying the same thing about Balenciaga right now. Blurgh.

Oh god you know who else's collection I loved? BRUNO PIETERS.