Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I hope this post doesn't sound too pretentious, but here goes. Last night as I lay in my bed, an insomniac succumbing to sleep by force, I realized in full what I eventually want to become in life. 

A civil rights environmentalist who documents everything by photo. That's how I'll get by - taking photos of everything. Eventually I'll begin to see the other side of journalism by writing, but only until I come to grow somewhat content with my photography. My literary journalism is flexible - it can range from politics to fashion, as I have interest in both. But I'll only begin literary journalism with one condition; my language is the polar opposite of conventional journalistic diction. I'd rather write with descriptive poetic language. Well, not entirely poetic but more so than generic journalism nowadays. This would obviously take some sort of credentials in the journalism world since it would be the first of it's kind for some time now. If all that ends up being successful, I'd eventually switch from being a full time photojournalist to juggling both simultaneously, while still playing a part in civil rights. After a while I would slowly distance myself from all three as I adopted or had a child with someone I loved. Or something. I would take care of this child and when I found the time span that has passed suitable enough I would begin to write my first and only novel. When (and if) that gets published, I would have a second child. Possibly a third. At this time I would devote myself entirely to my children, but still somewhat manage to do some journalism (both photo and literary) on the side. 
Note #1: My hobbies throughout my life would include painting, sketching, and collecting mass amounts of vinyl.
Note #2: Even though it hasn't been mentioned, fashion would fit in somewhere and have a major influence on it all, like grains of salt and pepper, the condiments to my life.

To be honest, this is one of many, many lives I wish to live out. Basically for the past several weeks I've felt like Esther Greenwood (essentially Sylvia Plath if you really think about it) trying to pick all of the figs from the tree but due to hesitation and selfishness they all fall sheepishly to the ground.

This is an excerpt from a poem entitled Let it be.
Don't let the light fall on the ever sheer life of war;
weep and you will have wept,
see and you will have seen,
be and you will remain to be
however long your days will last.

Dress, H&M. Tights, homemade.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Ahh I have to make this uber uber brief but here goes.

So guys, I found this awesome site via Jujiin (an incredibly awesome blog by the way) and it is called Looklet. Here you can create realistic looks featuring pieces from high end designers to retail fashion shops to even vintage. This is the first look I made and it will be the last for the next few days seeing as I'm literally SWIMMING in assignments right now. But yeah, check it out, it's like crack for the fashion addict. Not to mention the immediate source of inspiration this website can give. This look definitely caught my eye at first, and there are so many others that have that I can't even pin-point another. Ouu, another one of my favourites is this one. K oh my god GET ME OFF OF HERE I HAVE HOMEWORK TO DO. Srsly I will not shut the fuck up if I stay here any longer.

PS. I've been putting off Fashion Week reviews but I will do it soon, okay? (This promise is more for myself than for anyone else)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Hey guys, is it just me or am I getting remotely persistent in my posting? Not like they're that interesting any way. Or anyones reading them. But whatevs.

I wore this sometime last week which I haven't put up yet seeing as they've been taken with my BlackBerry. Pretty clear for a phone's camera though, huh? They were just a bitch to upload seeing as my phone is hormonal and thus twice as likely to intentionally delay things. Technological PMS.

Speaking of hormones, by style has been acting up lately as well. This is what happens nearly every time I get dressed in the morning, for about the past few weeks.
i) Decide to pair something together, put them on, too conventional.
ii) Add something on to the set, still too generic for my taste.
iii) Add a third piece to the ensemble, begin questioning outfit.
iv) Realize this would work better if I changed my bottoms, so I proceed to do so.
v) The top now looks too weird with the bottoms, proceed to change top.
vi) Proceed to change top a second time.
vii) Proceed to change bottoms for the second time.
viii) Add a belt and then remove it. Add a second belt and then remove it again.
ix) Change the entire outfit to one I wore last week.

Ugh literally every single day. The numbers will shift places but typically it all ends in the same manner. Or I'll just wear jeans and a sweatshirt, which I truly despise to no end. The odd thing though is that this indecision hasn't happened since my interest in fashion first began back in the day. Even since then if this has happened I will regardlessly end up with something I thoroughly condone by the end, no matter how long it takes. It gets to such a point of frustration that I just give up, and I hate myself for giving up. I don't know if my style is just entering transition mode? If I'm in limbo with how to aesthetically express myself through articles of clothing? My only concern is that this will work itself out in one way or another. I'm getting frustrated of being frustrated.

Moreover, my only means of procrastination nowadays takes form in the BBC TV show Skins. Before I begin ranting about my obsession with it, I'll leave you with one of my favourite Cassie outfits. Mmmm, black.

PS. Her Skins profile creeps me out; her favourite television show and her favourite film are my absolute favourites too. Not to mention our reciprocated love for Bowie? I know she's fictional and all but what the fuck.

Shirt, mother. Skirt, H&M. Bow, random black fabric. Sunglasses, H&M.

Monday, September 14, 2009

You guys know what Ragetoons are? Well I made my own depicting exactly what happened today when I encountered a vintage Yohji Yamamoto tuxedo cape in my size at the local Holt Renfrew. The ragetoon explains it all.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Quick post: I hate when you discover designers most recent collections only to find out it will be their last. Take, for example, Michel Berandi.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

if you take a walk, i'll tax your feet

I hate photobooth. I need my camera back, but you know how odd that shit would take photos in my six inch bedroom apartment? It would be like trying to fit a large jungle animal into a baby carriage. Maybe I'll get a photographer when I start photography classes? Before that? Never? Always? Hm.

Anyways, in the past week I've moved here I've become vegan, spent too much money on vintage clothing than needed, started reading four books all at once, frolicked around downtown barefoot, met some exponentially awesome people, watched Edward Scissorhands for the first time, etc etc. To be honest I'm positive I'm not having the same experience as people in actual residences of universities and with actual frosh weeks (come to the conclusion our orientation week coordinators think that us art school freaks are incapable of socializing, and can only paint) but I've managed to sneak some nights in of university hopping and whatnot.

So, this is what I wore today, gave off somewhat of a mother-baking-with-a-floral-apron-on sort of vibe. Then I threw on the Doc Martens and negated that vibe. Or maybe now I just looked like a mother who would kick your ass with her big black boots if you interrupted her as she mixed her cookie batter? Played guitar instead of folding laundry to relieve stress? Will iron her son's grungy clothes as opposed to his school uniform? (am I being a little too obvious as to what I wish to look forward to when becoming a mother?)

By the way, I don't know if you've noticed but I've sort of become fond of taking black things and turning them into bows. Today was a pair of black leggings. You can make anything into a bow if you improvise, really.

Oh and look at what the fuck I found the other day.

That's right. A Revolver lunchbox. They also had Sgt. Peppers. Almost considered getting them both until my mother chose for me so we weren't in a financial pickle. My mother isn't here to help me control my finances now, though. You can imagine what my bank account must look like now. (nearlyemptycough)

PS. The building to my fire alarm rang minutes after the last picture was taken. Apparently people on the fourth floor of this building don't know how to properly remove a bagel from a toaster. (and good luck in university to you, sir)

Black button up undershirt, H&M. Black skirt, thrifted. Floral printed skirt, Forever 21. Bow, tied up pair of black leggings. Doc Martens, thrifted. Sunglasses, Kensington Market.

Saturday, September 05, 2009


I don't think I posted this here before, but this is a video I made last summer to Metric's 'Rock Me Now' after watching several films directed by Grant Gee and David Lynch and music videos inspired by the latter. I considered going into something cinematography related but ended up going to school for general fine arts instead. Films are one of my passions though - I'm currently trying to watch every movie on the Criterion Collection list. The last one I saw was Peeping Tom. Probably the most eccentric film I've ever seen. Eccentric is putting it nicely. It's like calling Anna Piaggi completely normal. You think that shit's going to make sense? Nuh uh.

Speaking of weird films, I saw flyers for this all around Toronto and I am so there it's not even funny. 7pm Monday bitches. But honestly how amazing is this combination? The first time I saw it on a street pole punctured by staples I almost wept. I literally took the flyer for it down and hung it up in my room. Currently staring at it as I type. (/fan girl rant) Oh and I'll add in a clip of the film to the song 'Idioteque' too. Makes zee heart swell, no? (channelling my inner french woman). Oh god speaking of, I successfully convinced many, many people I was an exchange student from England last night after speaking in a british accent for no less than twenty five minutes. Apparently intoxication will do that to you. BUT THAT'S BESIDE THE POINT, back to stereo face (radio head, eh eh?)

I bought Kid A on vinyl yesterday too. Best 31.95 I've ever spent. (fan girl rant ends now i swurr) Also staring at that as I type. But it's currently nestled on my pillow so I can fall asleep cradling it in my arms like a child does to a stuffed animal.

Too much?

Friday, September 04, 2009

I moved in to my Toronto apartment, starting school on Monday. Today's outfit. Don't feel like writing much, sorry.

Black undershirt. White shirt, Forever 21. Skirt, H&M. Shoes, gift. Random black ribbon.