Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Ahh I have to make this uber uber brief but here goes.

So guys, I found this awesome site via Jujiin (an incredibly awesome blog by the way) and it is called Looklet. Here you can create realistic looks featuring pieces from high end designers to retail fashion shops to even vintage. This is the first look I made and it will be the last for the next few days seeing as I'm literally SWIMMING in assignments right now. But yeah, check it out, it's like crack for the fashion addict. Not to mention the immediate source of inspiration this website can give. This look definitely caught my eye at first, and there are so many others that have that I can't even pin-point another. Ouu, another one of my favourites is this one. K oh my god GET ME OFF OF HERE I HAVE HOMEWORK TO DO. Srsly I will not shut the fuck up if I stay here any longer.

PS. I've been putting off Fashion Week reviews but I will do it soon, okay? (This promise is more for myself than for anyone else)

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Anonymous said...

i'm diggin' the shoulder pads of that sweater. and the turban. and the tights. and, oh, all of it really