Monday, September 21, 2009

Hey guys, is it just me or am I getting remotely persistent in my posting? Not like they're that interesting any way. Or anyones reading them. But whatevs.

I wore this sometime last week which I haven't put up yet seeing as they've been taken with my BlackBerry. Pretty clear for a phone's camera though, huh? They were just a bitch to upload seeing as my phone is hormonal and thus twice as likely to intentionally delay things. Technological PMS.

Speaking of hormones, by style has been acting up lately as well. This is what happens nearly every time I get dressed in the morning, for about the past few weeks.
i) Decide to pair something together, put them on, too conventional.
ii) Add something on to the set, still too generic for my taste.
iii) Add a third piece to the ensemble, begin questioning outfit.
iv) Realize this would work better if I changed my bottoms, so I proceed to do so.
v) The top now looks too weird with the bottoms, proceed to change top.
vi) Proceed to change top a second time.
vii) Proceed to change bottoms for the second time.
viii) Add a belt and then remove it. Add a second belt and then remove it again.
ix) Change the entire outfit to one I wore last week.

Ugh literally every single day. The numbers will shift places but typically it all ends in the same manner. Or I'll just wear jeans and a sweatshirt, which I truly despise to no end. The odd thing though is that this indecision hasn't happened since my interest in fashion first began back in the day. Even since then if this has happened I will regardlessly end up with something I thoroughly condone by the end, no matter how long it takes. It gets to such a point of frustration that I just give up, and I hate myself for giving up. I don't know if my style is just entering transition mode? If I'm in limbo with how to aesthetically express myself through articles of clothing? My only concern is that this will work itself out in one way or another. I'm getting frustrated of being frustrated.

Moreover, my only means of procrastination nowadays takes form in the BBC TV show Skins. Before I begin ranting about my obsession with it, I'll leave you with one of my favourite Cassie outfits. Mmmm, black.

PS. Her Skins profile creeps me out; her favourite television show and her favourite film are my absolute favourites too. Not to mention our reciprocated love for Bowie? I know she's fictional and all but what the fuck.

Shirt, mother. Skirt, H&M. Bow, random black fabric. Sunglasses, H&M.


AFitz said...

I love how often you have been posting!
Where can I see Cassie's skins profile?

Anonymous said...

i like your skirt. and can i just say, i go through pretty much the same process everytime i get dressed, but usually with the inclusion of me sitting frustrated on my bed in my underwear and with half-done makeup for about five minutes (usually in between steps v and vi)

AFitz said...

I am blind, I didn't even realise! Ahh I love eternal sunshine so much. It didnt resonate with me as much when I first saw it a couple of years ago, but this summer I rewatched it like 30 times

If you are unsure of whether or not you can fit in an internship at this point, don't worry - they have 3 intern periods during the year, including one in the summer. If you want, you can always volunteer to do an article for the website - they're always looking for people to do Worn Crushes and Book reviews, and of course longer thoughtful blog posts (basically, use the ones on the site as a model to go from).