Saturday, September 05, 2009


I don't think I posted this here before, but this is a video I made last summer to Metric's 'Rock Me Now' after watching several films directed by Grant Gee and David Lynch and music videos inspired by the latter. I considered going into something cinematography related but ended up going to school for general fine arts instead. Films are one of my passions though - I'm currently trying to watch every movie on the Criterion Collection list. The last one I saw was Peeping Tom. Probably the most eccentric film I've ever seen. Eccentric is putting it nicely. It's like calling Anna Piaggi completely normal. You think that shit's going to make sense? Nuh uh.

Speaking of weird films, I saw flyers for this all around Toronto and I am so there it's not even funny. 7pm Monday bitches. But honestly how amazing is this combination? The first time I saw it on a street pole punctured by staples I almost wept. I literally took the flyer for it down and hung it up in my room. Currently staring at it as I type. (/fan girl rant) Oh and I'll add in a clip of the film to the song 'Idioteque' too. Makes zee heart swell, no? (channelling my inner french woman). Oh god speaking of, I successfully convinced many, many people I was an exchange student from England last night after speaking in a british accent for no less than twenty five minutes. Apparently intoxication will do that to you. BUT THAT'S BESIDE THE POINT, back to stereo face (radio head, eh eh?)

I bought Kid A on vinyl yesterday too. Best 31.95 I've ever spent. (fan girl rant ends now i swurr) Also staring at that as I type. But it's currently nestled on my pillow so I can fall asleep cradling it in my arms like a child does to a stuffed animal.

Too much?

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