Sunday, March 08, 2009

Watching reruns of Seinfeld till my brain rots out

So since I've been sick for this entire weekend, purging my lungs out of my chest, but I did manage to get up and attempt to shop in Buffalo, NY for Saturday afternoon with a couple of friends since I'm going to Montreal on Saturday. Also I would have probably gone insane if I didn't step out of my house for the entire weekend. Literally, I would have been in the paper for murdering my entire family.

I thought I might as well post what I bought in this post since I haven't entirely caught up on Fashion Week... I feel like I've missed an entirety of collections. Though I've gotten a female hard-on for Ann Demeulemeester's collection recently. So. Good.

All of these knit pieces make an orgasmic layering effect.

Moving on (I know, I'm sorry) this is what I bought. They're all from Forever 21. (I'm bored of cheap and cheerful and want expensive sadness, but hey, I'm stupid baby when I'm sane. PS. I've been listening to a lot of Kills lately woo)

These will probably be unveiled via my body within the next week or so. I just need to get better. I'm off to eat some vegetable soup and drink some tea and watch both Kill Bills. Tip tip cheerio.


Isabel said...

Your blog has a really kickass layout and I love those tights you're wearing. Where do you live in Canada? (Not a creep, I'm from Ontario too.)

Isabel said...

Haha, I've never been to Hamilton before but I'm sure its not that bad - at least its pretty close to Toronto! I'm originally from Belleville (kind of close to Kingston?) but I'm at the University of Waterloo for most of the year. Are you going to University next year? You will love it, its pretty great. :)

carolyn said...

I love those shoes...and yay for kill bill and ann deulemeester...those leather hats they're wearing remind me of batman =D haha in a good way.

kara courtney. said...

thank you for the kind words, rose. i wish i could actually keep up with my fashion blog - im just more interested in writing than anything. epic fail, i suppose.

but i have the paisley skirt from forever21 as well, and i really adore it. i always get compliments. i bet you'll look great in it!

Laura said...

:O the heels from Forever 21, they had the same ones at Zara a couple of seasons back, but the heels were just impossible, too high, too thin... Combined with my clumsiness that would mean I'd fall over a lot.

Hmm Ann Demeulemeester <3 Black black black. Now that it's FINALLY been spring for a day, those outfits make me want winter back.