Friday, July 11, 2008

Look for the Girl with the Sun in her eyes and she's Gone

This is today's outfit. I threw it on really quickly and I ditched the blazer at the last second because of the heat. The pants and blazer are a recent thrift find, but it's a shame how the pictures butcher the way the blazer looks in reality. It looks much more fitted in person. The shoes are of course Converse, which I was inspired to buy when I saw an outfit from New York street style. I can't find the picture now but if I do I will surely post it- the girl's outfit was fantastic. The ruffled lace shirt I'm wearing is probably the most treasured top I have. I have been looking for a white lace dress forever, and this shirt is the closest I've gotten. I believe I bought it from a Canadian store called "Off the Wall". If you ever visit Canada in this life or another, I really recommend it. Once you get past all of the basic Billabong and Roxy stuff, you can find some wonderful things there. The last picture is a close-up of the lace, simply because I adore it so much.

This is yesterday's outfit. Too much? Well, I don't know if you got past the lame sarcasm, but contrary to the truth, I didn't wear it out. Today, while looking through my mother's bajillion purses in her closet, I looked up and saw this dress covered in dust. I don't think my mother has laid eyes on it since 1987. I'm not being sarcastic this time. Right next to it was this amazing pink dress which I broke the zipper to two years ago when I was having a photoshoot with a couple of friends. She hasn't noticed yet. I know this because if she did, I would probably be dead. I'll probably post the dress soon enough with the other 80's dresses she has tucked deeply away in her closet.
Back to the dress I'm wearing, how absolutely amazing is it? I typically hate the 80's and anything that has to do with that era, but I really really like this dress. The colour coordination, the precision of the curves, the individual beads placed on so perfectly next to each other, there's nothing wrong with it. Other than the broad shoulders and the fact that it's not flattering in the slightest. I desperately want to take off the sleeves and about an inch off the bottom, then it could be actually wearable. That way, the dress can be actually put to use. And I'm not talking 80's dress-up photoshoots.


saray said...

you mother dress is fab!!

i love the top in the first outfit..

Laura said...

Wow that dress! They don't make 'em like that anymore.

Ariella said...

oh, I love the outfit with the high rise pants! And the glasses make the outfit so quirky and cool - fabulous!

She's Dressing Up said...

I think lace is my favourite thing right now, and that top is fantastic lace porn for my eyes!

Oriane said...

I love your black pant, return to basic, male-feminine, this year, i love pants !

bi-style said...

I like the dress! And the pants is great!!