Wednesday, April 29, 2009


This is how I spent today. Lying in bed in an oversized shirt procrastinating over the internet and reading Freud. Tediousness sort of lingered in the air today and I was too tired to get up and go thrifting as per the plan. Don't put pressure on me, h'okay? (insert dejected face emoticon). I was so sick of writing essays today I think I almost threw up entire sentences at a time. Vowels kept getting stuck in between my teeth, I was spitting out consonants like I was chewing tobacco.

On a heavier note, did anyone see Lost tonight? I know, right? I felt like those two flamboyant males in the David Blaine parody video ("WHAT THE EFF").......seriously.

Oh and it's my birthday tomorrow? Though I'm not excited at all, oddly. Usually I'm like a jack in a box the day before and when the clock hits twelve I'm like Cinderella but with more spunk and no charm. And no evil stepmother. Or stepsisters. And my dad isn't dead. And I'm not a slave in my own house.

I can talk to animals though.


cocorosa said...

ahhhh love those pics!! awesome :)

Frederic Betancourt. said...


Sylvia Cunningham said...

I like the pictures! And is that city backdrop your wallpaper?? Because it is amazing. Anyway, happy birthday!