Monday, April 27, 2009

This post was only meant for the new shoes, but I thought, oh what the tits, might as well photograph the entire outfit, no? I would show you the undertones (what is beneath the scarf) but it seemed a little hipster and overly-simplistic for me. Plus I'm wearing leggings for the first time since I hit puberty so this outfit is a bit degrading for a girl like me. Then again personal fashion blogging is all about honesty in terms of what you wear that day, so again I thought, what the tits. Breasts. Knockers. Cahoonas. Uncomfortable yet? Yes? Good.

I think a pivotal reason for not having so many outfit posts is that my school is has a strict catholic altering-your-uniform-is-the-eighth-deadly-sin belief and if I ever see the colour of our school uniform (maroon) ever again I think I'll belch. I'm talking Brad Pitt's naked body painted maroon. Belch.

So yeah. This outfit was for a religion retreat. Please don't make me go into detail about it. But we did get submarines/nachos/ice cream sandwiches/cookies/coffee for lunch so it was bee-ee-ay-you-tiful (anyone seen Bruce Almighty? No? Oh. No I didn't miss my shrink appointment this week, why do you ask?)

Scarf is vintage, thrifted shoes and belt, glasses and grey dress from H&M, leggings from mom's closet.


Mary said...

Really, really cute.
The circular glasses make it so original though, I love it.
And your background is mighty cool...

L.P. said...

Ugghh! I want to burn my uniform too. But I can't it is flame retardant. Literally. It says so on the label.

Little Lj said...

Those shoes are awesome!

FrouFrouu said...

great layering and i love those shoes!

- frouu