Tuesday, April 14, 2009

project runway: my house

So last night I stayed up until 215 in the morning because I got this sudden surge of inspiration and ideas for clothes just kept coming and coming and the collection had a consistency that I couldn't just leave for tomorrow, you know? So I started working from quick ballpoint pen sketches to rough copies of the coloured sketches. I'll show you the rest later this week when I finish, but for now, those are the first two pieces in the first picture I posted. So today, consumed by laziness post-excruciatingly long nap, I just decided to play around with my idea for how the make-up would look. I don't really know my primary inspiration, but I see tinges of McQueen Fall 09 and a certain editorial which is slipping my mind at the moment. The rest of the collection is kind of inspired by deathly animals and/or jail.

By the way, please, do your best to look past the hair? And the fact I'm still in my school uniform. Thx.

And it's kind of irrelevant to this post, but HOW ADDICTING IS TUMBLR. It's like sex for nymphomaniacs.


hazel said...

yes um what um yes um AMAZING

Paperface said...

I like the makeup look - I think it would look a lot better if it was less structured around the nose + eyebrows. More random and swirly :)

Tjilli said...

you look a bit like sasha pivovarova here! just blogged about her actually.. anyway, cool blog!