Monday, April 13, 2009

Let's just do it tomorrow

I was the photographer for a family member of mine's wedding. Very simplistic and intimate, so there wasn't very much extravagance to capture. Then again I think this is how weddings should be, the intimacy of them I mean. They're perceived as atypical if they're not ostentatious. That's not what they're all about at all. But that's beside the point. This is the first wedding I ever photographed and it was very exciting as a newly consistent photographer. You get to see the wedding from behind the lens more often than with your own set of eyes.

These pictures are only the monochromatic, horizontal set of the bunch. Thought I'd limit it down to a few since there are, well, a lot. 

The one I'm most satisfied with is one of the last; my grandfather taking a picture with his neat camera of the city I live in. Three of my favourite things in one photograph. 

EDIT: I had more pictures but edited it because I realized I'm a bit antsy about putting full, extremely recent portraits of family members on my blog for any random individual to see.


hazel said...

these are SUHWEET

carolyn said...

Amazing pictures, and I agree completely. A wedding should be about you and the person you love, not 300 other people, or the money it takes to make it extravagant. The more simple, the more intimate and romantic =)

hazel said...

get an 8 tracks
cause i know your playlists would be DA BOMB