Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hanna Hedman or the Jewelry God

I'm going to make this a quick post because I'm so tired and rambling won't help, but I felt the urge to post about Hanna Hedman's work. I was (and still am to be frankly honest) this heap of naivete when it comes to jewelry since I barely own any pieces and when I do I somehow get around to losing them. Thus I gave up. Ever since I heard about the jewelry crafting course my school is offering however I've grown more intrigued, but from seeing it more as an art. For example, there is a student work of a sculpted human thumb on the end of a necklace that I read about recently. It's concept is linked back to childish attachment, and as a fan of conceptual art I was so totally for this piece of jewelry. The only thing was that it was not aesthetically appealing. When linking it to fashion, aesthetics is a necessity, otherwise the contrast is inexistent. This is where Hanna's work comes in; she seems to have encountered, in obvious succession, that bridge between both the fashion and the art world when it comes to jewelry.

Born in Stockholm (those Swedes man, I'm telling yah), Hanna Hedman creates these beyond massive pieces that hang heavily around the model's neck. Although these individuals may appear to seem at ease, the chains are made of basic metallic compounds, such as silver, bronze, and copper; compounds that are known to carry with them a sturdy amount of weight, especially when added together. However, the models relaxed stances coincide with the beauty of the formal elements; intricate designs evoking ethereal impressions. 

Hedman apparently cites "human weakness and underlying defense mechanisms" as an inspiration, and the subjective matter also coincides with what we see - this big "shu-shunk" collection of jewelry, made of what typically sculptures or other technological artworks are made of. Here, she brings together fashion and art by bringing aesthetic appeal in what we consider a mechanical piece that is often shunned any beholder's eye. I mean, who thinks a big metal slab of copper is gorgeous? Not a lot of people. Yet her jewelry makes us think differently. It is the shape and form of what she has created that makes us contradict the conventions of beauty. She's actually one of the main reasons I want to go and drown myself in a tub full of jewelry and jewelry only.

This website is amazing if you want to view her work almost entirely, though I'd suggest googling some of her work - there are some obscenely large photos of her works where you can see the intricacies extremely well. And look! Even birdnest Gaga applauds this bitch. Now you know she's legit.

...and there goes my promise for a quick post.
(Hedman model photo via laufstag)

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