Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Yay for the colour red and paper clips! I only had one so could only do that subtle intricacy to my skirt. I also love how I've been so so so into colour and nebulas and these crazy colourgasmic paintings lately and yet have only managed to add the colour red to my wardrobe. Maybe I'm subconsciously excited for Christmas? No, that shit is so objective, I'm legitimately one mind twitch away from screaming THREE MOTHER FUCKING WEEKS THAS RIGHT in the middle of Dundas Square (Toronto geographics, get with it). But yuh, at least I'm making the transition from neutrals! I needed to get that show on the road a long time ago.

Also can you tell I'm really into layers lately? Just recently I layered three different skirts over a dress and added a shirt on top and a blazer for warmth, couldn't breathe. I looked like someone from the Tokyo section of Streetpepper tbh. Not as epic as FRUiTs though. Nowhere near.

But I should go finish my drawing assignment. Just three more weeks, then winter break, then the greatest semester ever ensues (colour theory, printmaking, photography, and a shitload of english <33333)

PS. Spotify may or may not be the greatest thing ever created. Currently listening to Mr Oizo's entire discography aka feeding my electronic music craving. PEACE (Click here and imagine me dancing instead of doing my assignment because that's probably what is occurring at this very moment)

T-shirt dress as bottom layer, H&M. Strapless black dress, vintage. Red skirt, vintage. Tights and fur hat, H&M. Shoes, vintage. Glasses, rims removed plastic wayfarers.


AFitz said...

there is going to be a fruits exhibit in toronto, facebook tells me!

KD said...

I love it! The layering of the skirt is just so awesome. Please tell me, what is your blogger layout? I LOVE IT.

krl said...

sadly, spotify is limited to europe and northern america so perth misses out. i dig mr oizo, and lambs anger was on blast a lot earlier this year but recently it seems the only thing i can listen to is animal collective/panda bear.

by the way, have you got rateyourmusic? if so, add me; www.rateyourmusic.com/~karlhalliday