Monday, November 16, 2009

You're probably wondering why I haven't posted any outfit posts yet, as promised. I left my camera back in my hometown when I went to visit several weeks prior (excuses excuses!) but I'm excited to start documenting outfit posts on the reg because I'm so ~inspired. Just wish I had money. Or those black biker Jimmy Choo for H&M's I so desperately desire. Or just about every jizztastic article of clothing I have tried on and not been able to buy due to being a silly broke ass university student. Things will change come christmas break though, I can sense a vintage binge coming on. Speaking of christmas break, three and half weeks, bitches. Then finally I will be done with this semester. Or in the english language, hell. But now I'll abruptly stop writing and introduce another inspiration post extravaganza. With explanations (you actually thought I was going to stop talking? bitch plz)

The first two pictures smell like what epic would if there was a scent for it. First we have Ann Demeulemeester on June 21st, 1998. Second, a Lina Scheynius photo of Vivienne Westwood. The bright orange hair and the forest green sweater complement each other so well. Makes me want to dye my hair a colour that will blind people. Don't think I'd be able to pull it off as well as her though.

Jak and Jill photos of Chloe and Ann Demeulemeester shoes, respectively.

The following two I found in the abyss of my harddrive, too essential not to post. I need both of these in my interior living life immediately.

A Matheus Chiaratti photo. Love the colour contrast and perfect angle.

PJ Harvey during her recent White Chalk days. I've been watching this video on daily basis for weeks though. Gotta love her during Rid of Me.

Natasha Khan of Bat for Lashes in Fader Magazine earlier this year. She's inspired me in more ways than one. Not to mention she pulls off those eccentric, gorgeous headdresses as if they were ballcaps.

Man oh man oh man. Björk during the Volta tour. I can not even begin to describe how much solace I've derived from her music. Her performances are on a whole other level completely; she reminds us common folks what it feels like to be inferior. In this photo, she was in midst of completing 18 month world-wide tour for her most recent album some time in 2007. I really suggest going out and getting the Volta Live in Paris DVD, but if you suck you can watch it on Youtube (first song from disc). She is beyond words and has been my ultimate inspiration for as long as I can remember. Even just googling this bitch under the Images tab will make you weep.

This is a photo by renowned photographer Phillipe Halsman from In Voluptas Mors, a collaboration with the surreal artist Salvador Dali. It is a series of multiple human bodies taking the form of a skull. I love both Dali and skulls, not to mention Halsman's portraits of iconic celebrities, so I'm inevitably fascinated by this piece. Oh, and a pop culture tidbit for yah: it was also on the Silence of the Lambs movie poster. The one where Anthony Hopkins is a cannibal and says Clarice like a pedophile and Jodie Foster acts badly in. Horribly. Don't care how great you thought Panic Room was, if there was dislike button to her acting career I would click it so hard.

Mia Wallace. Uma Thurman. Quentin Tarantino. Pulp Fiction. Iconic two word phrases that are recognized almost instantly and for a good reason. I think I've broken my tape of this movie from rewinding and playing it so often like I used to do with Disney classics (aka The Jungle Book and Dumbo) thirteen years ago. It's like cocaine in VHS form. PS. Take Mia's advice and stop being such a square.

I've had this on my computer since my junior year fashion class where I had to do a presentation on fashion in the 1950s (yes, that was as intricate as the topics ever got) and found this on Wikipedia or something just as basic. Needless to say I've been obsessed with finding a similar skirt ever since. Pretty sure I've already posted this on the blog before, too. Whatever dude, repost was essential. Who can say no to something that looks like that?

A Colin Dodgson photo from his Just Because It's In Your Head Doesn't Mean It's Not Real collection. Love the parallel of her face paint to her pants. Want patchwork pants please. Does anyone know Gloria Vanderbilt's number?

This is Stella McCartney, right? Correct me if I'm wrong. Also, is it odd if I noticed Anna Wintour in the audience before I noticed Sasha working it on the catwalk in that bitchin' dress? Kind of creepy, tbh. Her bob and sunnies are fucking everywhere.

Rodarte Spring 2009 RTW! One of my favourite collections ever from one of my favourite pair of designers ever. Kate and Laura Mulleavy, if you ever stop doing what you're doing my reaction will almost certainly be something like this.

The next doesn't even need an introduction. Words do not justify. Click here if you still don't know what it is. Mr T concurs when I say "I pity da foo' who don' know masta' Rei"

I have no idea where the following two come from for again they were unlabeled in my harddrive but oh hot damn. This just reminds me that I need more jewelry on the pronto. Note to self: father's old watches can be recycled.

This picture is so UNF right now. Sequins in any colour make me weep almost immediately but a sequin sweater with a different colour for each sleeve, the back and the hood? So so so so so UNF. I don't care what anyone says. (for the street vernacular challenged UNF is a very good thing)

And finally, my current pivotal inspiration, the top of the pyramid, the cream of the crop, the apple to my inspirational craving eye. SPACE. Although it is primarily nebulas nebulas nebulas, I make exceptions for crazy cool space-inspired art prints such as the dress two pictures below. But those pants though. Those pants. They need to be on my legs. Must find similar pair. It is an emergency. But no, go to FuckyeahtheUniverse, one of my favourite tumblrs, and you'll see exactly where I'm coming from.

This dress is from the WKND spring and summer 2009 collection by Karl Grandin. They have tights too! Would it be too much if I wore both at the same time? No? Good. (Thanks Style Child!)

If you wish to help me out with any of the credit, please don't hesitate to leave a comment!


KD said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE. I'm seriously addicted to your blog. This inspiration-fest is da bomb! And the designer of that space dress is Karl Grandin. I posted about him a while ago, including that dress:


Frederic Betancourt. said...

Great selection , I love them!

Isabel said...

Oh man, this inspo post was fucking awesome. PJ Harvey and space. Yesssss.