Monday, November 23, 2009

Earlier today I was going through halloween pictures from last month where I was a Russian. How was I a Russian do you ask? I think this calls for a FASHEMATICS MOMENT: fur hat + wine red lipstick + vintage white button up blouse with epic gold shouldered sequins. Only one person knew what I was, it was borderline depressing. But nevertheless, I'm not here to talk about unprepared halloween costumes, I'm here about Vogue Russia, Ranya Mordanova, Tom Munro, and delectable couture.
Fashion Gone Rogue sums it by stating that "under the eye of fashion director Simon Robins, Russian Vogue showcases some of the best couture pieces in their November issue. Photographed by Tom Munro, Ranya Mordanova wears looks by Givenchy, Chanel and Versace in one lush spread." 
To be honest the Russian outfit was intentional, minimal, and totally prepared... I just wanted to be someone who can do no wrong for halloween.

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