Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hi sanity, hi!

Gonna make this a quick post for I have some majorzstudying to do right now. I drank coffee past 6pm today. When I said majorz I meant it.

Hi today's outfit! Hi versatile thrifted blazer slash cardigan slash love of life! Hi vintage scarf! Hi H&M drop crotch pants! Hi lazy outfit post!

Hi new vintage shoes!

Hi H&M ring!

Bye! What you thought I was going to say hi when I was to end this post? I'm no paradox! Hi paradox! (see what I did der)

What I'm seriously saying hello to is homework. But instead of a formal hello it's more like (enter vulgar crude comment here).


Annie said...

LOVE your shoes and ring. amazingness. that ring is the new love of my life.

karo said...

wooow amazing shoes!

suzie said...

loooove the shoes

Lo said...

those shoes are like cowboy boots! love them

Anonymous said...

Wow! Nice shoes...