Tuesday, June 02, 2009

no. effin. way.

Oh my god, guys, I actually posted something. I got off of my sloth-y ass and posted something. Probably because I just remembered sloth as one of the seven deadly sins and realized if I didn't I would be burning in the fiery pits of hell for all of eternity (I just vividly imagined Satan in an internet cafe sipping a green tea latte browsing his favourite blogs and being all "I WANT AN OUTFIT POST MOTHERFUCKER")... so on the basis of my afterlife's status I decided to skip school (don't judge me) and play dress up (fine judge me but don't admit you're not jealous). I went biking around town too, but that is entirely besides the point. Because, you know, my blog posts always have a point. :/

I bought this shirt yesterday and it reminded me of pirates so I decided to dress up like (gasp) a pirate! Improvised an eye patch with an old bathing suit top I have. Yeah I realize the eye patch isn't on my face because, I'll be honest, eye patches scare the living estrogen out of me. But again, that is besides the non-existent point. 

I used my black scarf as a skirt. Seriously, every single person should own a black scarf, they are the Oxy Clean of fashion. I even contemplated using it as a shirt last week (don't ask how or why but it is living proof, man, living proof. The thing can be/do anything).
I'd like to sincerely thank the Tag for sticking out. Really. You mean so much to me and all four people who read this blog.

Honestly I have no idea why I put this up. Probably to show off my CHRISTMAS LIGHTS. Yeah it's June, keep walking.
Probably the worst close-up known to photography. This is what the shirt actually looks like on the website though, if your curiosity peeks your interest.

I look like such a nerd in this photo. Upon posting this Urkel is going to ring me up and ask me to be his friend.
This was what was underneath the scarf; a touch of lace peeking through. Ignore my unshaved legs, children. Sloth strikes again in the form of hygiene.

Pink shirt from Urban Outfitters, Roxy bathing suit top from God knows where, scarf from mom's closet, lace skirt from H&M, Doc Marten boots are thrifted, and glasses are 3D rims.


AFitz said...

Yay for recycling 3d glasses into outfits! What movie did you see?

hazel said...

4 people who read this blog
mmmmm not true.
i am technically 18 people.
don't ask.

really. don't.

AFitz said...

You mean the language of cussing people out?

AFitz said...

Check your twitter replies girl

Annie said...

Really cool!! I like it

a mouse said...

*your glasses are the cutest*