Sunday, January 11, 2009


I'm going to post a picture from my trip everyday, a series of events in occurrent order, with a random story right underneath. Just because I feel like it.

When I was nine I joined a summer soccer league and during the first game, I scored 7 goals. Some of them were absolutely incredible and absolutely accidental, they were feats I didn't even know I could accomplish. A crowd began to form, like a circus freak they stared and cheered in awe. Even before the game ended I was already the talk of the league, "female Beckham". Before the next game I was so anxious I wouldn't be able to live up to these expectations that I cracked under the pressure. I didn't score a goal the rest of the season. I was back to being a regular nine year old girl playing soccer again, and I liked it that way.


krl said...

thats pretty awesome.

and id pay my lfie savings to get that close to radiohead in concert. espicially with a playlist like that. and my friend's taste suck. not only is it ac/dc and whatnot, but it is also lupe fiasco, kanye west, rihanna and all that other headfuck.

gosh. that is strange. do you know why thom just stood there? it's as if he was reliving the kid a strain. the opening (15 step). fricking awesome. i love all of those little squeaky electronic noises for the intro. awesome on a million levels.

phil is pretty good. hopefully this means the release of his solo album, as id definitely buy it.

rats nest is a great song. ive also got some thom remixes including the ones on his w.a.s.t.e.

and all this reminds me. i have more so called 'poetry' to put up. it's a bit different, subject-wise. just it realtes to thoughts and feelings that ive recently gone through.


Severn said...

i like the picture a lot!!

and thanks for the always lovely comment. i haven't applied to ryerson yet because i am only in the tenth grade... but i will eventually. i'm beginning to consider emily carr here in vancouver so we'll see...

glad to see you're back, though!

Alice said...

that story is precious.

I hope you're enjoying your trip!


Severn said...

well i certainly hope you get accepted!! what are you other choices?

krl said...

i think you should check out my other blog too. its about my life, my music and my thom yorke addiction.