Monday, January 12, 2009


When I was in junior kindergarten the one thing I wanted for a satisfactory life was to be Sailor Moon for halloween. When the day came, I ended up being a Barbie Bride instead. That day, I got to school and saw another girl dressed as the sailor from the moon I so longed to be. I spent my fourth halloween in tears. All I wanted was to be Sailor Moon for one day. Was that too much to ask?

On a side note, the last picture made me realize that clouds are just cotton candy that planes split in pieces from time to time.


krl said...

damn. If only I could tell you who it is. But I can't. I really just can't. Anyway, I think you'd be very surprised.

But I don't think I could call it love. I don't think ive known her for long enough. I just feel so inferior mentally and physically to her. Anyway, I guess it wouldn't matter. I have no chance with her at all; not only because I'm sure she doesn't like me but because of something else that I can't tell you because I'm afraid it might give it away.

Krl :(

krl said...

"well i wouldn't really call it love if i'm correct in terms of thinking who this individual is, but more of a fondness? but then again i can't really take judgement that pertain to your own feelings. i've only spoken to you for quite a short amount of time as well."


im very confused.


krl said...

youve already heard it as it is becoming giant across the internet but here is the link just incase.


it mightnt contain much of thom's voice but mintyfreshbeats sure does make some good radiohead/jay-z remixes.