Thursday, January 01, 2009

goodbye for now

Hey guys, sorry about the lack of posts. I've just been not in the mood to blog lately. I don't want to force myself to do something I'm in the mood of doing. I already get enough of that from essays at school.

I'll be leaving for the Dominican tomorrow, I'll have plenty of pictures from there, but I think the occurrence of them being posted here will vary with my mood. What I feel like really takes a toll on my outfits, and lately I've been pretty basic with just jeans, a tee and a blazer. I hope going away will give me a brighter perspective and I'll start dressing up regularly again.

I may start posting again regularly as soon as I come back, I may not.



krl said...

youre not the first person to tell me that. and i know i do. and i feel guilty for it too. he is a giant inspiration, and i think that i may copy the way he writes too much. almost like stealing his way of writing. which makes me feel guilty and evidentally hate my way of writing. but, i guess ive always wrote like this, even before the discovery of the amazingness of radiohead.

i did a poll recently on my other blog for the top 100 radiohead songs. you should have voted. i guess it's too late now...

paranoid android won on average of 19 different people's song ratings. surprise surprise...


krl said...

oh ok. really? i wish i was thom yorke.

funny you say that. turns out im not copying thom. hes copying me.

krl said...

Indeed. I think I mentioned somewhere on my other blog that he's the only guy I'd ever even consider turning gay for.

Which would be favorite radiohead/thom yorke song and album?


krl said...

that's an interesting way of thinking of kid a.

anyway, i think id have to go with kid a or ok computer for me. they may be the most orthodox choices but there is a very good well-known reason for that.

though i love all the others, maybe with the exception of pablo honey. i only just like it.

portishead are very good too. i love the rip and their first two albums. though THIRD is fricking awesome too.

do you like sigur ros? or mum? or halou?

and do you play any instruments?


krl said...

Okay, 10 things I love about Thom Yorke:

1. He's tiny.
2. He has an attitude problem and issues with authority.
3. He hates himself.
4. He has so much going on in his brain he doesn't know what to do with it.
4a. He doesn't realize that makes him a genius.
5. His wonky eye.
6. His heart melting voice.
7. His dance moves and other manifestations of his spastic nature (like compulsive hair rubbing)
8. He doesn't act his age.
8a. He doesn't want to.
9. His awareness of the world, his desire to change it, but his willingness to believe in it anyway.
10. The music, the music, the music, the music.

'hey, do you like pablo honey?'
'no. and dont call me honey.'
'who are you calling honey and why would i ever call you?'

krl said...


register and then download. its very good.

Severn said...

alright :( miss u.

happy new year

krl said...
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krl said...

indeed. thom yorke is one very cool guy.

and id answer the instruments question, but i dont like to talk about myself. its just something i dont do. but, i guess it would seem rude if i didnt answer; i play guitar, keyboard (i mightnt have taught myself pyramid song yet, though i do know the live version of like spinning plates and last flowers), i did some celesta, vibrophone, basic percussion courses (e.g. i can play all of jonny's role in there, there). i can also play castanets, maracas, shaker and the triangle (believe it or not). and i also have a great interest in computer music/ambience/avant-garde electronic.

i cant sing though. wish i could. :(

sigur ros are very good. in fact, most icelandic artists are very good. bjork and mum etc.

i recently got beck's 'modern guilt'. it was my first beck listening experience. and i quite enjoyed it. i think i decided to get it after seeing it in your music box thingo. i thought, 'well, she has good taste, so beck must be good' and so forth.

i guess you dont also listen to nine inch nails?


krl said...

dont be jealous. please. i hate people ever being envious of anything i can do or anything about my life. i just cant take it.

anyway, at home i only own a damaged old thing that's called a electric guitar. and it currently only has three strings. and im sure it's quite dusty as i never use it anymore. ive moved on to computer music. though im saving up for a mac so i can use garageband and record my own music properly.

and all those other instruments. i only played them in school. the crappy old celesta that no-one used, the keyboards and the drum courses were compulsory. though i was more than happy to do it.

anyway, off the subject of instruments.
"i used to be so expressive and open as a young adolescent."
young adolescent? how old are you now?

i do have w.a.s.t.e. though i never use it. simply because im not sure what to use it for. though i use mortigi tempo quite often. you should go on that if you havent already. nothing better than a chatroom forum of radioheadcases.

recommend any good albums? well umm... kid a i would strongly recommend. but that seems pointless. erm...

'yoshimi battles the pink robots' by the flaming lips. (i think you might really like it)

'the slip' by Nine Inch Nails (free download at www.nin.com - they copied the whole in rainbows thing - but only download if you are feeling adventurous)

'selected ambient works volume two' by aphex twin (if you are into that stuff)

'street horsssing' by fuck buttons. (offputting name but they are surprisingly good)

and the last recommendation, and possibly the most shameful;

'absolution' by muse.

and a good starting point for mum... hmmm...
im not sure if you will like them. they are completely instrumental. which i like. but mightnt be your taste. try 'yesterday was dramatic, today is ok'. that might be a good starting point.


krl said...

seventeen? thats cool. i think. i commented on your waste.

i wish you told me that youve seen them in concert. i had to find out the hard way.

and thank you. im glad you find pleasure from the crap that i put online.

and, which radiohead albums have you got? that question implies to eps too.


Rosé Ghislain Magritte said...
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krl said...

how much did you pay?

if they came here, i'd have to go alone too. i have no friends who would ever even think about listening to radiohead.

and i have quite a lot. a heck of a lot actually. well, let me get started;

-itch ep
-drill ep
-pablo honey
-my iron lung ep
-the bends
-ok computer
-airbag/how am i driving ep
-no surprises/running from demons ep
-kid a
-i might be wrong: live recordings
-hail to the theif
-comlag ep
-in rainbows
-in rainbows cd 2
-demo tapes from 'meeting people is easy'
-all the b-sides from such singles as knives out pyramid song, karma police etc.
-many more b-sides (about twenty-thirty)
-more demo tapes and an in rainbows concert in japan and thats about it, unless you want to include jonny greenwood's;
-'there will be blood soundtrack'
-'jonny greenwood is the controller'.

havent even opened the jonny greenwood is controller one yet. i dont like dub reggae. its more of a collecters piece.

have you seen that interesting youtube video of phil selway singing and playing guitar to his own song at 7 worlds collide? hes very very good.you could even say almost as good as thom.


what songs did they play at the concert?
and which was best live?

gosh i ask too many questions.


krl said...

oh and...

youve seen bloc party too? arrggghhhh. i had the chance but once again, none of my friends like them. they listen to ac/dc and iron maiden and even simple plan (no offence to your nation of canada) and whatever is in the mainstream. which is gay. really gay.

and, in the long list of radiohead titles, i forgot thom yorke's stuff. i know it aint radiohead but it is related. i think.

-the eraser
-spitting feathers ep


and after going through the masses of posts youve...erm... posted, i have came to realise something. something i didnt expect; you're quite pretty.

but dont get the wrong idea. im on the other side of the world, after all.