Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tell Me Baby

Tonight I went out in a lace top and high waisted thrifted trousers to a friend's birthday party. Instead of going out for dinner or throw a big bash we had a girls night in with coolers and screwdrivers and white cheddar popcorn and listening to a lot of Red Hot Chili Peppers. 

In other news, the Macbook pictures just get worse and worse. I think the fact that my source of light is the lamps on the night table may effect the clarity of the picture. And that the guest room I am currently in sucks for taking suitable outfit pictures. And that I may be a bit intoxicated.
Hmmm... I need a new camera. Plus I need to actually act on my complaints this time. Enough is enough.


Oriane said...

Oh ! yesterday, i made photos with a similar look, it's funny !

Krystal said...

Yes! macs do the weird thing with little light, I hate it. this is a great look!
we should link up.

Severn said...

i've been wanting high waisted trousers for a while, i just don't know whether they'd compliment my body or not... :S

Aliliisa said...

i love this outfit. pure love