Thursday, October 16, 2008

Green Eyes

I think I may be the only person in the world who loves public transit. My city's buses are not great in the least but still, I always try to find an excuse to ride them. Not that I regularly do - it seems everyone has their driving licenses these days. But today I will be riding the bus to go thrifting, and the combination of the two couldn't make me any happier.

I'm sure I will post outfits pictures tomorrow. Hopefully with my SLR camera which I have yet to fix. It's been broken for quite a while. 

Oh, and this is my brother back in the day when my camera actually worked. 

PS. I am so so so happy with the way the new layout worked out. I've been really frustrated with the template and after studying quite a bit of HTML (or whatever it's called), I finally got it to work to my advantage. I think that attributes to my avid posting recently. 

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HANNAH-ZOË said...

my little brother has green eyes too and red hair, Im always so envious of him! i like trains but not busses so much because they don't have air con (: