Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Skip Divided Malfunction

This is my favourite type of weather ever. Cool enough to wear coats but warm enough to wear skirts. It's even sunny enough to wear my sunglasses. 

This is my Radiohead tee I got a couple of weeks ago. I ordered it a couple of sizes too big but regardless, the sketching on it, entitled "Scribble", is amazing. I had to have it. Also, I wore a very similar outfit about a week ago but with high-waisted pants. Now that I've seen it with the skirt, I don't think I could choose between which is better. This coat works with everything.

I am going to Starbucks now to finish George Monbiot's "Heat" and enjoy a caramel macchiato. I don't think the thought of that could make me any happier.


Nature Grafitti said...

so i adore this tee, and the skirt.
and the jacket.

basically, everything about this is amazing.

WendyB said...

Cute jacket.

natalia said...

You look nice!

clare catastrophy said...

I really like these patterns mixed together.. the whole outfit is adorable.

mademoiselleb said...

I love that skirt !