Monday, May 17, 2010

Just a really quick write about this particular piece from designer Dion Lee's S/S10-11 collection at RAFW.

This blue pleated dress was probably my favourite (aside from the crystal heels). The architectural symmetry composed by the intricacies of the knotted pleats made my eyes literally widen (to be quite frank I almost audibly gasped). I’m constantly reminded of the almost rudimentary stages of a Roman soldier’s uniform when I see this dress, the shape the fabric over her shoulders and the taut wrap of the pleats a presumable catalyst of this reminder. Though the harshness is negated by the visual fragility of the dress. It’s almost as if the only thing left to make these uniforms out of was brilliant powder blue organza, so the Romans had nothing more to do but work with the resources they had.

(Photo via Jak&Jil)


kasmslo said...

Yeah, I've seen this all around Tumblr and I really like the structural, linear, and dimensional quality to it. Such an intricate dress, it almost commands one to stare at it for a while.

katthroatworld said...

breathtaking.. lovelovelove it!