Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sorry for being such a bad blogger guys; my Macbook broke several weeks ago and I've been busy weeping/petting it/moaning for it to revive itself. Since then I've been using my old pre-modern chunky desktop Windows which whurrs like a dying beehive whenever I turn it on. I sound ungrateful even though this is technology! and I should be grateful! (quote unquoting all of my foreign relatives) , it's just that once you've gone Mac it's hard to go back. I'm also hesitant to send it in for repair; the guy behind the counter at Future Shop said my entire hard drive has the possibility of being completely erased and when he showed me the price of a temporary hard drive I probably had all eyes in the store curiously glaring in my direction (wouldn't you glare too if you heard a little girl's voice frantically screaming FUUUUUUUU- in a basically silent electronics store?). POINT IS, I need to get it fixed so I can up some clothes photos STAT.

While I'm here for appearing to be the opposite of negligent's sake, I want to show you a few of my favourite stylists' works. I mainly post this on my Tumblr since I practically reside there whenever I find I am on the internet browser (which isn't Safari thus it angers me, but holy shit am I digressing), but I felt it was necessary to acknowledge them here as well since the tumblr is merely an inspiration board and not a very credible manner to cite my endearing sentiments towards the editorials they style. I'm going to narrow it down to three today even though I could definitely mention more (sorry Camille-Bidault Waddington :c).

NOTE: Clicking each picture for #1 and #2 will link you to a post on TFS which has the source + complete editorial.

1) Panos Yiapanis
I don't even know where to begin regarding my love for Panos' work. This dude's layering skills are absolutely incredible, and he does it without making it appear ostentatious. I first stumbled upon the editorials he styled via Tumblr (I'd probably discover more stylists/photographers/the like if some people credited what they were posting, in the cases where they consciously are aware of the source). I was in such adoration with the variety of textures, prints and vibrant colours so evident in the outfits he put together that I had to see more. His work integrates this sense of destruction and neurotic tendency within the aesthetics, and these contradictions work together to create this imperfect perfection which should overwhelm the viewer if successful. And his outfits without a doubt do (I can't stress enough how much they do). I'm really at a lack for articulating myself properly when it comes to his stuff. All I know is it makes my heart swell and my knees buckle. So fucking good.

2) Marie-Amelie Sauve
I came upon Marie-Amelie after I began getting really interested in who was behind all the outfits in my most cherished editorials. After extensively searching the "Behind the Lens" sub forum on TFS I came upon her thread, and after dissecting each post within I realized that she was the stylist for nearly every. single. editorial. I've swooned over in the past. I find she has similar stylistic tendencies as Yiapanis, particularly in the layering, which is probably why they are the stylists I am fond of the most. There are several blatant differences between their individual styles however; for example, I find Sauve approaches her work by manipulating the way she styles to coincide with the mood of the editorial, whereas Panos' manner of layering is so determined that I find it's actually his outfits which affect the mood, rather than the other way around. Also, Sauve evokes a femininity that Yiapanis' editorials lack - not to imply that this missing effeminity negatively impacts his work, there is just a notable difference which creates this distinct individuality in the manner that they style. Finally, I find Marie-Amelie focuses on appropriate colour schemes more than Panos does, but not as drastic as to go into detail about the fact of the matter. Regardless of these comparisons and contradictions, both of these stylists rock every fucking editorial they style. 10/10. They are literally untouchable.

3) Catherine Baba
With Catherine I find her personal style bleeds into her editorial work much more than the previous two. I know this is probably breaking some sort of artistic code, one which states that the artist is not a representation of their work; that although their creation, the work they produce is channeled through a different perception of understanding, extinguishing the artist's personal characteristics and acknowledging this mirrored version of their being; the removed version that creates the art objectively as much as the viewers see it objectively. What I'm trying to essentially state is that there is this inevitable rule, in music, in art, in literature, where the outer party see the work of the artist as an autobiography of their psychological state. And although I typically prefer art that contradicts this notion (where the artist removes themselves from their art), I find Catherine Baba is the ultimate exception. This editorial from 10 Magazine Summer 2009 highly exemplifies that.

Here are some street style photographs further exemplifying this integration. (Both photographs via Jak&Jil.)


Anonymous said...

You are so MEGA. I feel stylists really aren't represented enough, especially in blogs, where the hierarchy usually goes: designer, model, magazine, photographer and then if you're lucky stylist. When really a stylist contributes so much to the overall feel of an editorial.

I lovelovelove Marie-Amelie Sauve, I've been a bit obsessed with her lately, I actually didn't know about the other two at all? Well actually I've seen some editorials that Yiapanis has styled, but didn't know it was him. Thanks for introducing me to them both!

ALSO, I watched that clip from The Cruise and I'm going to get my hands on a copy of the film ASAP. You were seriously reading my mind when you showed me that because I absolutely LOVE great documentaries so much. I might even do a post on some of my favourites soon? Alsooooo email/msn me or whatever and I'll fill you in on my idea for my zine!

Ross said...

Thanks for being one of like, all bloggers who talk about Panos Yiapanis. He is possibly one of the only stylist who ever get the I'm-gonna-wear-every-garment-in -my-suitcase-so-I-don't-have-to-pay-thirty-bucks-to-check-my-bag-at-the-airport look right.