Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Two points I will acknowledge in this seemingly quick post.

1) The Case of the Grinning Cat meets today's outfit

Everything is thrifted and vintage except for the rib shirt which is from shopwithasianstereotypes and the socks which are mismatched (deliberately) from H&M.

and 2) I dye my hair blonde tomorrow!!! Well, that's the first part, then I'm going to go pink, blue or fire truck red (with a hint of pink)... my roomate goes to school at Aveda and said she could do the blonde for free, so I was in no shape to pass up the chance.

I'm bringing in this picture from Proenza S/S 2010 because it's just about the same shade I want. The last time I was a blonde I was thirteen and it was nowhere near this white. I'm ecstatic right now but I'll probably get a bit shaky during. I'll post pictures as soon as I cannn
(via style.com)


Anonymous said...

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katthroatworld said...

found your blog through arabelle.. love it.. great outfit! :)

- kat