Friday, November 27, 2009

Still no talk unfortunately (actually it's kind of fortunate for you), my weekend involves lots of coffee and graphite pencils.
Although I can say with a certain assurance that this is one of my favourite outfits I've worn in a while. Added a blue cardigan and my winter coat over top with my fur hat on my head for outdoors. Should've captured that too, but anywho. Tip tip cheerio, have a fabulous weekend.

Ocean print dress via H&M. Lace white shirt via Urban Outfitters. Black lace skirt via Forever 21. Bow via random fabric from dress.


kasmslo said...

wow i really can't stop staring at this.
very beautiful outfit. the textures and breaks in line basically EVERYTHING just somehow harmonize perfectly. i'm jealous of that lace.

KD said...

I've seen the half-this, half-that outfits on many blogs but, your rendition is by far my favorite. I dig the lace especially. :-D


Layer Layer Layer! :D it's lovely. :D

krl said...



Isabel said...

This outfit is keerazy! I like it! It reminds me of that mean 'two-face' guy from the Dark Knight.