Monday, December 07, 2009

Out on friday, some nice man stopped me and asked to take a picture of what I was wearing. Not much else to say, really. Sorry I haven't updated in a while - just been focusing on finals. (More pictures here)

Cardigan is thrifted. Sequin dress via H&M. Skirt is thrifted. Batman mask and tights are from Malabar costume shop. Shoes from Courage My Love in Kensington Market. Bag from Black Market on Queen St.


Michele said...

This is such a great outfit! You have an awesome blog and I'm not just saying that. I feel like a douche for also blogging now. So I should actually be pissed or something. Well, I've bookmarked your page, so expect more lame comments in the future!

Heather Yarnell said...

Holy crap, awesome outfit. The mask made me do a double take. Haha.

Marlena said...

Joy Divison bag! <3 <3 <3
I love the skeleton tights too!