Thursday, July 16, 2009

sincere apologies, mkay

I haven't been home for a while. The past few weeks actually. And now that I'm home I've started working to save up for the city in a month and the rest of the summer's shenanigans. So yeah. Don't expect a lots of posting soon. I mean, what can you expect? When you're a procrastinator and a blogger and the weather's perfect you're bound to fail somewhere. Anyways.
I leave you with a picture and a thought.

walking down the hallways of my memory, the hardcover spines of my past, i notice something that catches my eye. don't judge a book by it's cover, it wrote, and i thought about irony and literary devices and all that. i removed it from it's home, dust lingering around my lips, and glanced at the cover. glitter, rainbows, unicorns, sunshine, nostalgia. i placed the book under my nose and inhaled. it reeked of flowers. life. rain. happiness. intrigued, i opened the book. the pages were cut out in a square and in the middle lay a severed earlobe, the smell of angst and death attacking my nostrils. the words were smeared with blood. unreadable. i placed it back in it's original spot and kept walking. spines always tell the truth.


cindy said...

oooh cutest picture, i love it!

Nayra Laise said...

I love your blog

S. Mimi C. said...

Good writing, and good length too! I think some types of writing are good as just one shot. You know, a few lines, to get the point across, but still leave room for... discussion.

I'm kinda, sorta, maybe, also a writer too.


Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.