Friday, July 03, 2009

post Joy Division, it's okay I still love you

I'm leaving in about five minutes so I can't convey a lot in this post (I think this is for your own benefit however as my rambling is full of psychological toxins and will probably turn you into a wingless bird if entirely read) but sorry for being gone. I just graduated high school (liberating!) and haven't been home or on the internet for 1 week+ so it explains quite a bit.
Anyway I've been pretty inspired by Eastasian fashion lately so I've been into quite a bit of layering lately. Plus I've been listening to New Order a bit lately so it probably explains the song choice (title of tune is Ceremony download it now and you'll be doing yourself a favour). PS. Lately.

PPS. A million points goes to the person who can guess what piece of clothing (footwear) I haven't taken off since purchase. I love love love them. Oh and if someone can get me White Eyelet Doc Martens boots I will create world peace.*

*I'll try my hardest, k?

PPS. This outfit was intended for future reference as I did not attend an important enough event for this beautiful of an ensemble.

Black coat is from Old Navy. Floral cardigan, jean shorts, Doc Martens are all thrifted. Black/pink undershirt which is actually a dress and the pink tights and all necklaces are from H&M. Glasses are 3D movie rims. Pink necklace bow was originally fabric to tie graduation flowers.

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