Sunday, May 03, 2009

your mouth is running

Hazel tagged me to list seven random things about myself, which is kind of ironic because I wanted to blog but had no idea what to blog about.

i) I have a tendency to misplace things often.
ii) Whenever I'm alone in my house, all I do is sing, usually what's been in my head all week. Currently it is this. My mouth... is touching...
iii) Sometimes I feel like quitting blogging because I feel as if I come off too pretentious/narcissistic/egotistical, which is pretty contradictory to the truth.
iv) The taste of grapefruit repulses me to no end. Same goes for tonic water.
v) I could sleep like an infant listening to the sound of Alec Baldwin's voice.
vi) Today was the first day I thoroughly read an issue of i-D magazine.
vii) I find I always take out my camera in the most lethargic of moods; with the exception of photographing outfits. They aren't meant to beauty shots, but more regarding sincerity and actuality I suppose.


Isabel said...

Tonic water isn't your thing? Add some gin to that mofo. My favourite drink ever!

L.P. said...

I agree. Bill Murray doing fightscenes on a boat to the tune of iggy pop is made EVEN awesomer because of the speedo. indeed. Alec Baldwin's voice is so soothing. I can hear him now. "Lemon", "ya' know Lemon", "get in here Lemon"...I just want to drift away...

carolyn said...

don't worry about coming off as pretentious =) and I love your handbones pictures!!! I can't stop doodling on my hands but I've never done anything quite as cool as that