Friday, October 03, 2008

You're reading Fitzgerald, You're reading Hemingway


Nice and simple. I was in such a mood to dress up today, but still I felt neutral-y (when do I not?) and yet I wanted a bit of colour. When I opened my closet up, this little sucker looked me right in the face. The floral print is gorgeous, and even though I am contemplating sewing the length a bit shorter, it is probably my favourite of my skirts. Thx 4evr21! 
Grandfather glasses, too. To spice it up a little more. mhmmm

These shoes. Yves Saint Laurent's spring line was magnificent this year, and these shoes contributed to it. They are AMAZING. I gasped when I saw them. Teared, almost. I think I even felt another panic attack coming along.



Oriane said...

Lovely look ! Your skirt is very beautiful ! I like your style;)

Severn said...

Those shoes are so fucking hot. I'm so gay for insane shoes.

TheMinx said...

such a cute outfit! I like this blog a lot :)