Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I like to play dressup.


A lot of times I wish I could just move across the country.
To a town I've never heard of.
Consisting only of a field of roses.
The bees bask in their glory.
So enthused that they forget to sting you when you brush up against them.
We share the fields and I can hear them flying, buzzing past my ears.
Filled with joy and pollen.
Thinking, This is the life.
Why can't I just be a bee?To be careless and free.

Living in a field of roses free from the restraints of routine is how I want my life to be.


garbage museum said...

lovely style!!

offset outfit said...

Thanks for the comment!! But I wish I had a better camera... I hope Santa's bringing me one this Christmas... ;)


Eva Rosa said...

I love the third picture.

Emma said...

love the top! soo pretty :)