Sunday, March 14, 2010

BAH this is what I wore last night. Sorry about the shitty Photobooth pictchas I forgot my Pentax at my school residence home. It's not krazyohshit but it's legit, y'know? (No not really)

I would have rather gone without the top jumpsuit part because it didn't really comply with the colour palette I was aiming for. I worked my outfit around the three tulle scarfs I knotted together and I felt it was too monotone for what was going on. But alas I had no clothes for they are all in Toronto and I am not.
A lot of people were all WTF IS GOING ON YOU HAVE 3 SKIRTS ON which was a legitimate question to ask but I was all I AM A SKIRT LAYER RING MASTA which no one understood and to be quite frank I didn't understand either.
I do love the jumpsuit top but now with scarf removal you can see how blurgh it is in comparison to the bright skirt/scarf aspect of the ensemble.
I tucked the skirt into itself because I wanted to make the socks noticeable (see: three pictures down) but I love love the pastel rainbow colour going on which is displayed when it's left in its originally intended state and almost reaches my ankles.
APRON :3 If this was a person I would have a crush on it. Yo FACK IT I do have a crush on it. And it is an inanimate object that should be used for cooking. Thus I have a crush on inanimate objects that should be worn while cooking.
Lol my posture in this is reminiscent of Gagz in Bad Romance circa spine-ful nude monster.
This is where I happily display to you my unintentionally uneven socks and somewhat unclean bedroom floor.

Floral jumpsuit, Topshop. Pastel skirt and pink apron and three scarfs knotted together, Courage My Love vintage in Kensington Market. Floral skirt underneath, Frvr21. Tights are my mothers, socks are my fathers. Bracelets are from a trip to Jamaica. 

SO YAH. Miu Miu later today promise k kool.


Isabel said...

You are like a pastel fairy princess!!! Oh man, this outfit makes me really really happy.

the StReeT chanteuse said...

I am srsleh in love w/ what you have going on here.
also: "I AM A SKIRT LAYER RING MASTA which no one understood and to be quite frank I didn't understand either." I totes understand, guurll.

Daisy said...

I love all the colours and layers in this !