Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lee Alexander McQueen.

My head and heart and body hurts so much right now. 

A man who’s work has had such a profound effect on me is just gone? I still can’t come to terms with this.

To apply the term "exceptional" to his work is demeaning and arbitrary. His work surpassed the exceptional, went beyond the contemporary vision. He formulated bodies of work (through his multiple collections) pieces that were heard of not only tangibly but conceptually. Of course an idea is one thing, but to execute it in an objective space and then excel above the concept is a rarity in the societal era of the tedious and indolent. His execution, his designs, his artistic demeanor, his heart and soul were the epitome of brilliance, not only within fashion but within modern art. He was fearless. He challenged himself each season and when doubts as if he could surpass his previous collection(s) were raised by viewers and critics alike he shot those uncertainties in the face with a sawed off shot gun. There was no climax of McQueen's career for each new collection was it's own climax. He was this climatic entity that never ceased to amaze. 

His work was one of the reasons I'm this passionate about clothes today. I feel like I lost a teacher, a friend who I could rely on to keep me inspired with every collection, and I would still maintain this inspiration for months and months until he released his next brilliant collection of clothing. The fact that I no longer have this is like someone ripped a piece from this passion and fed it to dogs.

I'm not reading this back because I'm incapable at the moment.

I'm just going to return to going through his archives and crying until my eyes are dry.


Isabel said...

Rose, this was a beautiful eulogy. So articulate, I very much appreciate this.

KD said...

I love it, but I think perhaps you meant "never ceased to amaze" instead of "that ceased to amaze".

Rosé Magritte said...

Ah, you're right. Thank you. I didn't read it over, it was more of a spontaneous surge of emotions into text.