Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I'm terrified of death. I don't mean my own personal demise. It is losing someone I love, know, respect or cherish that I fear most. Daul Kim was a person who evoked so much femininity and grace and demure that it's downright impossible not to cherish her and the mark she made on the fashion and modeling world. I can't really emote properly to begin with, and when death is mentioned, particularly with inner conflict as a catalyst, it is downright impossible. But I felt I had to pay tribute to her regardless, even if it is extremely delayed. These videos speak for themselves; seconds of her presence and you can feel her impact. The first she flirts with the camera, blinding us with the reflection of light. In the second she is departing to a location heedless to the viewer. I can't help but imagine that cab is destined for the afterlife, and that she didn't really "die" at all. She's still sitting in that backseat, luggage and all, driving through a canvas of her past until she has finally reached blissful oblivion she so dearly seemed to strive for.


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