Thursday, October 29, 2009

Packing for Ottawa now, spending the weekend of Halloween there. I also have lots of projects to do, so I can't write here much. All I can say is that this hat has been living on my head for the past week. Moreover, this is the most simplistic outfit I've worn all week. The jeans are also a bit unflattering and make me look like I put on twenty pounds so I wore a coat over it when I had the chance. Oh, and I got tights with bones on them (!!!) which I have a feeling will also make way onto my legs and not remove themselves for a long period of time.

Shirt, H&M. Jean shorts, thrifted. Tights, random outlet. Shoes, thrifted. Sunglasses, Kensington market. Hat, H&M.


krl said...

Once again Rose, youve dazzled me with your fantastic taste in dress. Ill admit, your consistently great and interesting posts has kept your blog on top of the list as one of (if not my number one) my favourites.

Isabel said...

Yessss, those shoes are like the low top version of my cowboy ankle booties (also known as the BEST SHOES EVER). We are currently tied in the category of shoe epicness. I <3 you!

signe raveendra said...

perfect pair of shorts