Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hi guys! I wore this today to shop and go to my Times Based Media class, which focuses on artworks in relation to time - basically video art, installations, internet art, etc. I had to present this in class today for a critique. You can interpret it yourself.

Also, we watched Stan Brakhage videos several weeks prior which led me to a collection of his stuff. He's definitely a new favourite. This is his film Rage Net, which was the video of the bunch that we viewed that left the biggest impression on me. Basically the colours come from filling in scratched emulsion of the film. (The quality of this film is SHIT by the way. Go rent the Criterion Collection DVD with most of his pivotal works on it if you want to see it much clearer)

Off to eat cake and watch Dazed and Confused now. Bye!

Leather jacket, Forever 21. Shirt, H&M. Sequin dress as a skirt, H&M. Floral tights, H&M.


Tea For Two said...

You look amazing in that jacket. And black sequins make my day. :)

Isabel said...

Dangnabbit, those sequins are marvelous! I need more sequins in my life. (It's an addiction, I know).