Sunday, March 29, 2009

Oh, and um... guys? Remember that Natasha Khan skeleton suit I posted a couple days back? Yeah, well, guess what I bought in an insanity binge on eBay?

I personally want to know
A) how in Satan's dining room set I'm going to fit into a made for a four year old skeleton halloween costume
B) how I'm going to pay off the $40 debt that takes form under my mother's credit card
C) how I'm going to explain the purchase of a child's size halloween costume to my mother for casual wear
D) what the seller of this little number is going to percept of me (pedophile?)
and E) the level of astonishment that the seller feels for the fact that he actually sold a child's skeleton halloween costume... in March.

Stay tuned for more questions I will probably not have the answers to.


Isabel said...

This is actually hilarious! I hope it fits you, that little kid looks pretty short!

hazel said...

i love you
i love your blog