Saturday, February 21, 2009

somebody gonna get-a hurt real bad

My outfit last night. Donned my Doc Martens, of course. Its refreshing showing up to a house filled with Aberzombies you've never spoken to before looking like this. Maybe they'll stop watching MTV and walk into H&M instead of Hollister for once. Of course intoxication helps.

It's all thrifted but the jacket from Old Navy, the skirt from H&M and the tights from... well, they're tights, I'm sure you can find them anywhere. Or are those even considered tights? Pantyhose would be a more appropriate term.

I think this outfit was a bit influenced from all the neutrals in NYC Fashion Week I've been gushing over. Rodarte dresses and Libertine bookshelf prints aside.


beckylou said...

amazing dress!!!

Nita-Karoliina said...

coool dress!

Y said...

I love the BAG!!

Jen said...

The back of the dress is amazing. These type of tights look fantastic on you, I for one never feel too comfortable in them, but you look fantastic.