Friday, December 12, 2008

It is possible anytime, anywhere Even without any dough

So my camera works again. I've been mentioning about how I should really be getting my digital camera back, but even better, my baby Pentax regained it's consciousness. I was going to get it fixed because the shutter wouldn't do anything when I took a picture (I think that was a result of handling a camera around curious five year olds last time I truly used it), but now it miraculously works again, which is great. I had been putting that off forever.

I guess this means more outfit pictures, no? I will take some tonight. For now I'm blogging as procrastination from a rough draft philosophy essay I haven't yet started due in less than two hours or my Gustav Klimt-inspired painting which is due in less than three and a half.


beckylou said...

WOOT WOOT I'm looking forward to your upcoming outfit-posts! You the most perfect style!

dandywarhol said...

oh! just don't do as i did and most still do and succumb the utter shallow and worthless piles of outfit hysteria.!
your blog is better than that :3
i miss your interesting comments!

xx dw