Thursday, September 04, 2008

я люблю россия

I've been thinking a lot about Russia and everything that has to do with it recently. My love for Alexander McQueen and court gowns and Russian history, specifically the fall of the Romanov family, contributes to that immensely. If I ever earn enough money to buy anything from a ready to wear collection it would surely be each and every piece from McQueen's Fall 2008 RTW. Can we all just say a little prayer and thank god that Alexander McQueen was born? How I didn't post the entire collection here is beyond my capacity to comprehend. Every single piece is sheer genius, and there is no other way to put it.

PS. I am going to the Toronto Virgin Festival in a couple of days. I anticipate this every year, so pictures will surely be up soon. Something I have been lacking.


back seat bingo said...

alexander mqueen=love
we are lovin this blog

mademoiselleb said...

Oh wow I've got to see the show !