Friday, August 29, 2008

the clock strikes at twelve

I have worked for four days straight, waiting tables and serving ill-mannered customers with a fake smile on my face. I feel as if I have been smacked hard in the face when people treat me as if I were the dirt under the soles of their shoes. I wish I could say I acted the same, but I try too hard for my won good. My face muscles hurt from the smiling.

On a lighter note, I watched Cinderella the other day and have grown a little fascination with anything whimsical of the sort. Needless to say I was a bit ecstatic when I found this Annie Leibovitz picture. That dress brings tears to my eyes. Too perfect for words.....

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wendybird. said...

the beach! ah! i havent been to one in years. all of the shores around here are rocky and then there is just an immediate drop off, no shore line in the water. such a bummer.

you should definitely check out why? - i would recommend it to any person looking to complete their life. hah! if you can find the album "elephant eyelash", download it!