Monday, July 28, 2008

you guitar sounds so sweet and clear. but you're not really there. it's just the radio

Sorry for the major hiatus. I was on a roll and then well, I kind of got sick. Sorry about that. My plan is to slowly regain consciousness in the blogging world until I start posting on a regular daily basis again. This post isn't very fashion related as you can see, but instead a little photoshoot at a family picnic with my ever so gracious cousin. Consumed in complete boredom we decided to take her digital camera out for some test shots. Needless to say it beat down an hour or so of doing nothing. Thankfully she allowed me to play around with the camera until the battery died down (and went back to laying down on a blanket staring at clouds until we went home).

Expect the next couple of posts to be fashion-related. I've missed clothes too much

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emily said...

I LOVED WHEN DANNY NORIEGA SANG THAT SONG ON AMERICAN IDOL. he was the only contestant this season with any talent.